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Which mom do you have?


Neal P. Corpus

Posted on May 09, 2021

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A look at the different moms we all know and love.


Do you have a cool mom? Is your mom more up-to-date with trends than you? Perhaps she’s a master at the kitchen and keeps you fed with all sorts of delicious treats. There are all kinds of moms out there, and they’re all worth celebrating this Mother’s Day.

Here, we take a look at some of the different moms we all know and love. Which one best describes yours?

The Kitchen Whiz

Art by Thea Torres

This mom knows her way around the kitchen, and that the best way to her kids is through their stomachs. She loves to cook and is good at it — she knows it, too. She will keep you well-fed even after you’ve flown out of her coop, and you’re always first on her list of culinary guinea pigs.

The Career Woman

Art by Thea Torres

She is one of the hardest working people you know, but is also the most loving. She will stop at nothing to provide only the best for her kin, all while smashing the glass ceiling. At work, she is also a mother to her colleagues, helping create a nurturing environment wherever she goes.

The Cool Cat

Art by Thea Torres

It baffles you sometimes, but this mom is more updated with pop culture than you are. She keeps tabs on all the trending topics on Twitter, and is steadily raising her TikTok follower count. The question is, how does she do it all while being a terrific mom? Magic? Who knows.

The Group Chat Queen

Art by Thea Torres

This mom loves to chat with her friends whenever she gets a free minute. She’s updated with not just what’s happening with her fellow moms, but their kids, husbands, parents — plus all their friends. You might not know it, but she’s always updated with you, too!

The Cheerleader

Art by Thea Torres

Her Facebook wall is decorated with all of your accomplishments big and small. She is not only always so proud of you, she helps you get there, too — you’re not afraid to dream big because of this mom.

Your mom

Art by Thea Torres

There are many more kinds of moms out there, but the best one is always going to be the one you have. Maybe she doesn’t fit into any of these archetypes, or perhaps a combination of two or more. What’s important is that you give her some love this Mother’s Day!

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