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What on earth


Chica Villarta

Posted on March 25, 2021

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In these unbelievable times, a higher regard for Mother Nature might do us good.

This pandemic has taught us that it doesn't hurt to be kinder. Whether to each other, to people who could do nothing for us in return, and to the earth that serves as our dwelling, kindness goes a long way.

We're set to celebrate Earth Hour on March 27, and our pandemic experiences have given us deeper understanding that our world is more interconnected than it seems. As its stewards, we have the opportunity to nurture our share of nature.

These activities by the Ayala Malls give you a chance to partake in Earth Hour, and be kinder to our one and only dwelling.

Lights off

All Ayala Malls will partake in Earth Hour's one hour lights-off exercise on March 27, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Over the years, the environmental significance of the world turning off its power for a single hour has been well-discussed, but the activity surely sparks awareness towards climate change and has served as a constant reminder for everyone to adapt simple yet conscious lifestyle shifts to help save the environment.

Breeze and burn

Since dining in is momentarily halted, we're invited to take advantage of the al fresco dining areas in Ayala Malls. To make the breezy experience even better during Earth Hour, Ayala Malls Circuit and other Ayala Malls will turn the outdoor dining experience into a romantic one through a candelit dinner setup in its al fresco area, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on March 27.

Pedal pushers

If you've visited us long enough here in Pasyal, you know how enthusiastic we are in promoting biking as an environmentally sustainable mode of transport. This is thanks to Ayala Mall's support of the bike-riding community, allotting generous bike racks in all its malls and even welcoming hungry morning bikers with food establishments that open early.

True to its advocacy, Ayala Malls will make bicycle parking absolutely free on March 27, to encourage more people to use their bikes.

Park your bike for free in Ayala Malls Abreeza

Ayala Capitol Central even takes it a notch further by offering a free bicycle cleaning station from March 27 - 28 at its South Capitol Road Entrance.

Ayala Mall-goers in Bacolod are also encouraged to join the Fun Ride on March 28, 3 p.m., where bikers will pedal from NGC to Ayala Malls Capitol Central. To join the fun, contact 0927 428 9601.

Your trash, their treasure

Searching for a sustainable way to dispose of plastics you've accumulated at home? Ayala Malls makes it ten times easier to make sure that your non-biodegradable waste is used in a way that is much kinder to nature.

U.P. Town Center is now the newest plastic drop-off center of The Plaf (The Plastic Flamingo), a social enterprise that aims to offer sustainable solutions to marine plastic pollution in the Philippines. Apart from holding plastic collection and zero-waste webinars for free, they also collect all types of plastic in Metro Manila, turning them into eco-lumbers that can be used as emergency shelters, pipes and floating devices.

Apart from a roving collection drive, they've also partnered with establishments such as U.P. Town Center to serve as drop off points for the public to easily dispose of their plastics for better use. Drop your plastics off at the UPTC Concierge Booth - Phase 1A.

Meanwhile, TriNoma partners with Green Antz Builders, a manufacturer of eco-bricks created through plastics and laminates for its plastic collection drive. Dispose of your clean, dry and empty plastics at the TriNoma Concierge near the Activity Center, and these plastics will be transformed into environmentally-friendly building materials.

Eco bricks are more affordable than regular hollow blocks, while being more durable and providing more insulation than their traditional counterparts. Who knew the plastics we use everyday could turn into something more useful beyond their purpose?

Tell us—how will you be kind to the Earth?

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