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Chica Villarta

Posted on April 26, 2021

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We revisit our favorite cafés in the world with Longchamp's bread-inspired bag, the Brioche.

Launched at the shelves of Maison Plisson, a chic neighborhood delicatessen and boulangerie in Paris, the Longchamp Brioche is everything its edible derivative is: light, puffy and sweet.

Inspired from the famous French pastry said to be invented in the 14th century and known for being made with heaps of butter, the Brioche is an indulgent handbag on its way to being a classic, with an easy-to-carry shape and a versatile design you can get your fill of anywhere you go.

Inspired by its unique launch, we let our imagination play by virtually transporting our Longchamp Brioche bag to cafés we've previously visited all over the world. With the help of some #BadPhotoshop, we play mix-and-match with the four Longchamp Brioche colors and the beautiful cafés we'd want to wear each to.

Can you spot the Brioche bags in the cafés below?

White Longchamp Brioche in L'Usine, Ho Chi Minh

Clearly influenced by French colonial design mixed with industrial elements (L'usine means factory en Francais, after all), this café is one of the most loved and long-lasting coffee and brunch joints in Saigon. We'd wear our white Brioche bag to highlight the place's contemporary French feel.

Red Longchamp Brioche in Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Singapore

This well-known coffee and pastry spot in the burgeoning hipster area of Jalan Besar in Singapore is named as such because it literally housed metal and hardware stores before being repurposed into a café. To offset the place's famously monotone al fresco area, we'll be toting the red Brioche bag while sipping Chye Seng Huat's famous PPP coffee.

Black Longchamp Brioche in Higher Ground, Melbourne

Entering Higher Ground in Melbourne feels like going to church—high ceilings, exposed walls, multi-level loft-type seating and grand arched windows will make you stay and pay respects to the gods of Australian coffee. Higher Ground is a sight to behold, and makes anyone in it feel infinitely cool to boot. For this, we'd go with an accessory that's both smart and classic—the Brioche in black.

Green Longchamp Brioche in VVG Hideaway, Taipei

An elusive café right be the side of the mountain, at the outskirts of Taipei (it would do you good to get private transportation sorted out), this café is a white glasshouse enclosed within what seems like a forest entrance. With this beautiful abundance of greenery, it's just appropriate that we carry along the Brioche in a delicious sage shade.

Visit Longchamp in Rustan's, Ayala Center, Makati. The price of the Brioche bag is available in store.

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