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Want fries with that?


Pasyal Team

Posted on July 10, 2020

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Hooray, it’s national french fry day.

We couldn’t think of a better Monday PSA: it’s National French Fry Day on July 13th! This carbohydrate-fueled day of celebration actually originated in the United States, but some of our most-loved local french fry-serving joints (yes, we’re talking about Potato Corner and McDonalds) started to adopt the tradition as early as three years ago.

So, in preparation for Monday’s potato-packed special holiday, we’ve rounded up the best places across all Ayala Malls where you can have your french fry fill. Devour with ketchup, ice cream, sour cream, with a burger or in a burger—don’t be shy, french fries don’t discriminate!

Potato Corner

Natch, everyone’s favorite french fry stand leads the pack in the all the National French Fry Day festivities. Did you know that aside from your classic, cheese, barbeque and sour crea, Potato Corner has flavors like wasabi, spicy barbeque (our fave) and even sweet corn?

For National French Fry Day, buy a Mega tub and you’ll receive a tub of Large fries for free!

Image from Potato Corner on Instagram

Visit Potato Corner at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, Ayala North Exchange, Glorietta 1 and Greenbelt 1, among others. Promo is available in all operational stalls except in Cebu.


Ask most people where the best fastfood french fries are and they will probably answer McDonalds. Best served fresh from the deep fryer, many Filipinos will be “willing to wait” just to get their serving of hot crispy McDo fries.

Local artist Maria Necole’s artistic tribute to McDo fries, as seen in the McDonalds Philippines Instagram.

Last May, McDonalds launched their Spicy Shake Shake Fries flavor! Ultra-spicy with a hint of sweetness, it reminds us of Korean spicy glaze.

Visit McDonalds at your favorite Ayala Mall or call 86236 for delivery.


Japanese restaurant Boteyju reached great heights for their Mt. Fuji fries, a bowl of deep fried french fries seasoned with special Dasida seasoning that gives it a distinct Japanese taste. To top it off, Mt. Fuji fries are plated and served to resemble the famous Japanese mountain.

Image from Boteyju on Instagram

This National Fries Day, save P26 and enjoy Mt. Fuji fries in Boteyju for only P99.

Visit Boteyju in Ayala Malls Feliz, Trinoma, Solenad, Vertis North, Manila Bay, North Exchange and Greenbelt, among others for pick up or dine-in.

World of Fries

Now this is a world we want to escape to. World of Fries, located in Ayala Malls Manila Bay, is still currently closed, but they sell frozen “Fries for a Cause” to help their employees in their finances while store operations are still at a halt.

Image from @eatsplorations on Instagram

Order sour cream or barbeque dip to go with their bag of frozen french fries, and add in their newest delivery offering: truffle mayo dip, to add a dash of fancy to your National French Fry Day celebration.

Visit @worldoffriesph on Instagram to order.

Mama Lou’s

Proving its mettle as a home kitchen serving the best comfort food, Mama Lou’s has an unlikely yet well-loved member of its mostly-Italian menu: the Canadian poutine, a hearty serving of fries doused in thick gravy, bacon chunks and mozarella cheese!

Image by Winston Tee, as seen in Mama Lou’s on Instagram

Visit Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen in UP Town Center, Quezon City for pick-up and dine-in.

New York Fries and Dips (NYFD)

NYFD, the original purveyor of fries and dips in a cup is still as good as ever, except this time, we can enjoy them in our homes while they get their Glorietta branch (among others) back up and running.

Image from NYFD PH on Instagram

With their “make your own fries” combo, get the frozen version of their signature thick cut fries or their shoestring fries, along with a dip of your choice!

Choose between the dips we’ve come to love over the years: Ranch, Bacon Onion Tomato, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Garlic Parmesan and Honey Mustard.

Visit @nyfdph on Instagram to order.

Sweet Ecstasy

For those who like their fries so overwhelmed with toppings that the use of a fork is required, then Sweet Ecstasy fries are for you. Sweet Ecstasy fries are laced with Ecstasy Sauce, the burger joint’s very own secret sauce.

Choose between a cheesy version topped with caramelized onions (Ecstasy Fries), or with beef, jalapeño and tomato in a concoction aptly called Burger Fries.

Image from Sweet Ecstacy on Instagram

For those who like it simple, you can get their fries simply naked, or using sweet potato instead!

Visit Sweet Ecstasy at Ayala Malls the 30th for pick-up or dine-in.

Army Navy

We can’t celebrate National Fries Day without mentioning everyone’s favorite skinny fry, Army Navy’s Freedom Fries! Shoestring-thin heavily spiced with that addicting cajun flavor, we just like stuffing mouthfulls of this unique fry along with our Army Navy favorites like tacos, burrittos and quesadillas.

Image from Army Navy on Instagram

Long live Freedom Fries!

Visit Army Navy at Glorietta, Ayala Malls Circuit and Ayala Center Cebu, among others.

Though it won’t make it to this year’s holiday, here’s a french fry we miss…


If you’ve been sleeping on Yabu’s furikake french fries, the question is—why? Most of us make our way to Yabu to feast on bang-for-your-buck Katsu sets, but it has to be known that they serve one of the best appetizer line-ups in the metro, their furikake french fries being one of them.

Image from Yabu on Instagram

What’s not to love? A hefty serving of crispy french fries is tossed around the famous Japanese dried seaweed seasoning, giving it a salty nori flavor.

While we await for Yabu to re-open for dine-in, order their other appetizers and katsu sets via delivery at their Glorietta 2 and Alabang Town Center branch by calling 0999 887-1401.

Which fries are you gonna go for on National French Fry Day?

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