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Neal P. Corpus

Posted on February 14, 2021

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Valentine’s Day date ideas for these socially distanced times.

Do you remember this time last year? You were probably busy making plans for your special Valentine’s date, putting your best foot forward without having to worry about any social distancing protocols.

Oh but how times have changed. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner again, but making romantic plans has gotten a lot more challenging. Making off-the-cuff plans and being spontaneous with your partner isn’t as easy as it was, and it can be a headache for some.

While Ayala Malls nationwide remain open (with health and safety measures in place, of course) for couples who just want a low-key V-Day dinner, we came up with three headache-free date ideas if you’re looking to grab some food and spend more time outdoors.

A picnic at the park

A great thing about Greenbelt, aside from having its own lush greenery, is its proximity to the Washington Sycip Park and Legazpi Active Park. Order some burgers and fries (and perhaps a milkshake for added sweetness), take a short walk down to Rada street, and enjoy a picnic on either of the the parks’ manicured lawns.

Afterwards (remember to clean as you go!), wander through Legazpi Village’s streets and enjoy the quiet of Sunday at the central business district. To cap off the day, have a cup of tea or coffee at Greenbelt 1’s Starbucks, which has its own outdoor seating area.

A ride ‘round the river

The banks of the Marikina River are just a short bike ride away from Ayala Malls Feliz.

If you’re from the northern or eastern part of the metro, the banks of the Marikina River are a pretty underrated date spot. You can cycle to Ayala Malls Feliz, pick up a light meal, and ride to the river for a scenic afternoon.

Once you’re done with HHWR (holding hands while riding), pick a nice spot under the trees and enjoy the breeze with your take-out. Alternatively, if you don’t want to carry around food on your bikes, you can save the food for last and refuel at Feliz instead.

A roller skate rendezvous

The track that wraps around Ayala Malls Circuit makes for a fun and active date.

If HHWS (holding hands while skating) is more your thing, the multipurpose track around Ayala Malls Circuit might just be the perfect V-Day spot.

Ayala Malls Circuit also offers a lot of outdoor dining options, so you can have an early morning followed by brunch, or a sunset sesh followed by dinner. Either way, you can enjoy the adjacent park afterwards for some quiet, romantic time with your partner.

Looking for food ideas for your date? Check out these finger lickin’ good, picnic-friendly chicken dishes.

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