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For the parental units


Chica Villarta

Posted on June 01, 2021

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This United Nations Parents' Day, celebrate your life givers through little acts of service (...and maybe a bit of shopping).

The United Nations declared June 1 as the Global Day of Parents, to recognize their pivotal role in raising children. Remember that parents don't always mean the people who gave birth to us—instead, they could be a loving aunt or uncle, a teacher who has always been present in our lives, or a friend with whom we sought shelter on a rainy day.

Whoever they are, they sure deserve to know how much you appreciate them by small acts that may seem simple but make a great impact on their hearts. Here are some suggestions from us, to you!

Feed your 'rents!

As our parents get old, the more food they have to eat less of... as long as they keep their health constantly in check, indulging them with their favorite guilty pleasures will do their spirit good.

Image care of Bag O' Shrimps

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Take dad to a haircut

Nothing soothes a man's soul more than their routine hair cut. Take dad to his trusted barber and treat him to an upgraded service with nail, ear cleaning and massage services are included. He will leave that shop with a smile on his face!

Image care of Bruno's Barbers

Visit Bruno's Barbers in Trinoma.

Refill mom's coffee pods

If mom is the type to feel like there's a glitch in the matrix when her coffee corner isn't in place or—gasp—fully restocked, then subtly replenishing her to-the-brim supply of pods might advance your bid for Child of the Year.

Image care of Nespresso

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Add to your plant "siblings"

Perhaps the first step to being your parents' favorite is to accept that you and your siblings are no longer their only babies. From the dogs, to the cats, to now, even the plants, you human offspring no longer take full ownership of your parents' hearts. Embrace your growing number of sister and brothers by adding yet another plant to their care.

Image care of Rustan's Flower Shop

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Upgrade their life essentials

Is your dad the type to be never be seen with one staple piece of clothing or accessory, as if the thing is permanently attached to his body? Most parents like these wear their things out to infinity—whether it's a trusty shoe, wallet or belt bag.

Think of your parent's most favorite thing, and surprise them a new and spiffier version of it. They'll probably be in denial for the next month or so, but watch them slowly inch to your gift and realize it's time for an upgrade.

Image care of Rustan's

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How do you celebrate your parents?

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