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Things I Love: Winnie Wong


Pasyal Team

Posted on December 17, 2019

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The art teacher-Youtuber-minimalism advocate muses about her Christmas favorites.

Here at Pasyal, there’s no curbing our enthusiasm in introducing places, activities and things you’ll hopefully end up loving. We think, that’s what the hashtag #ILoveAyalaMalls is all about.

To take it a notch further, we thought we’d pick the brains (and hearts!) of people you just might find familiar, inspiring or both, as they share the big and small things that make them happy in our first regular series, Things I Love.

Art educator Winnie Wong wears a uniform to work—and no, it’s not a school-mandated outfit. Every year before the school year starts, Winnie styles an outfit she thinks she’d like to wear to work everyday, buys a few units of the same piece, and wears the same look daily.

“She’s like Jimmy Neutron when he opens his closet and has the same outfit!” gushed one of Winnie’s students one day, an anecdote she shared on her Instagram account.

Aside from teaching and making art, Winnie is also a Youtuber, and in line with her practice on self-imposed uniforms, she has a unique voice in the platform as an advocate for spending and making space only for things you really need.

Ayala Malls Pasyal - Winnie Wong
Photography by Erwin Canlas

Last year, Winnie launched The Everyday, a yearly planner focused on simplifying life and getting things done.

Christmas is an arms length away and The Everyday team is in full speed fulfilling orders for their 2020 planner, which Winnie launches with a pop-up store and meet and greet in Glorietta.

In this busy season for The Everyday, Winnie takes time to talk to Pasyal about her Things I Love during the holidays and beyond.

1. “Everyone’s so busy so I love having sit-down dinners with my friends. I love casual restaurants like Bad Bird—[dinners out don’t] have to be so fancy.”

Visit Bad Bird at Serendra, Taguig.

2. “Christmas is a great time to catch up on a lot of shows and movies that I missed. I like comedies and murder mysteries.”

Visit Odyssey at the ground floor of Greenbelt 1.

3. “Buying what you need is such a crucial philosophy for me…I love grocery gifts! We should gear more towards daily items as gifts.”

“I always like giving gifts I know people could actually use, like food or essentials. There’s no shame in giving gift cards as gifts. I actually prefer gift cards myself, so I can choose which products I like.”

Visit Rustan’s Supermarket at Courtyard Drive, Ayala Center, Makati.

4. “I always find myself in Rustan’s Beauty Source. I love discovering new products, and going over the counter to try things out is the best.”

“I don’t like spending money on products I end up not liking, so testing products is a way to be smart about my purchases.”

Visit Rustan’s Beauty Source at the second level of Glorietta 5.

5. “The Everyday 2020 Planner is something I’m very happy about! I’ve curated it to fit the lifestyle of someone who wants to focus on just what’s important: goals, finances and things you’d like to achieve daily.”

Image from
Image from

“It’s small, it’s affordable, and you really need only one for the entire year!”

Visit The Everyday pop-up at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center until December 22, Sunday, or visit their website to get your own.

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