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The road to wellness


Neal P. Corpus

Posted on August 31, 2021

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Five things we learned from Bespoke Lifestyle Sessions with Cinty Yniguez.

The past year and a half has undoubtedly been tough — being stuck at home for as long as we have can take all sorts of tolls on your physical and mental wellbeing.

The road to a better and healthier mind and body isn’t linear, and as we learned from the second webinar of Ayala Malls and Ayala Land Premier’s Bespoke Lifestyle Sessions, making over your life isn’t as daunting if you do it little by little.

Held via Zoom last Aug. 28, Bespoke Lifestyle Sessions’ second installment was all about Mind and Body Wellness, and featured wellness multi-hyphenate Cinty Yniguez. Cinty is a health, lifestyle, and culinary medicine advocate and coach, a registered yoga teacher, and an entrepreneur.

Cinty Yniguez. Photo from the Naked Foods by Cinty's Instagram.

Cinty’s talk introduced a holistic approach to wellness: a still mind, a vibrant body, and a mindful approach.

Achieving a still mind is all about practicing different types of meditation to tune out the noises both around us and in our heads. Building a vibrant body, on the other hand, is about exercise and being conscious of the food we put in our bodies. And last but not least, practicing a mindful approach is about being aware of how we look at things and the habits that we build.

All of this can sound vague at first, but Cinty really grounded these principles into things we can all practice every day. And to make it even easier for you, we’ve listed down five of the most useful tips from Cinty’s talk, along with some things to get you started.

1. Practice yoga

Cinty has been practicing yoga for many years, but she recognizes that diving head-first into a consistent practice can be daunting. If you are completely new to yoga, Cinty recommends starting with one to two sessions a week, and approachable poses such as downward dog, forward fold, and seated twist.

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You can start without any equipment at all, but for more comfort, a yoga mat like the Core Microfiber Mat (P2,399, Chris Sports) is a great start.

2. Meditate

Completely calming your mind can be challenging. There are many kinds of meditation, but for beginners, Cinty says that breathing exercises and even meditative walks are a good start.

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The Apple Watch SE (from P16,990, Power Mac Center) features a built-in app that guides you through a short breathing exercise throughout the day, which is a great way to build a meditative habit.

3. Build a plant-forward diet

There are countless benefits to introducing more greens into your diet. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into a fully vegetarian or vegan diet, Cinty suggests slowly shifting your meal portions to make the vegetables the star of your plate, rather than the supporting role.

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A great way to eat more greens, Cinty says, is to blitz them up into a shake — you can mix in your favorite fruits and even some agave for some natural sweetness. A Nutribullet (P6,490, True Value) is the perfect tool for quick smoothies and easy clean-up.

4. Swap your snacks

Snacking has definitely become more prevalent during the pandemic, and there’s no need to fight it — you just have to choose healthier snacks, Cinty says.

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If you love to nibble throughout the day, try swapping those chips for nuts and dried fruits. Healthy Options has lots of, well, options — try the Forest Feast Natural Nut Mix (P145) or the Acti-Snack Fruit & Nut Mix (P425) to start.

5. Order in

Committing to a new diet usually comes with a fair amount of cooking. But that in itself can be intimidating, and not everyone has the time — good thing, though, that Ayala Malls has more than a few options like Salad Stop, Go! Salads, and Juju Eats to support you in building a plant-forward diet.

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Want more meatless meals? Check out our list of delicious seafood and vegetarian dishes here.

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