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Stay fit, forever


Pasyal Team

Posted on February 28, 2021

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Tips on how to start getting fit—this time, without falling off the rails.

  1. Create a fitsta.

The social media savvy lot have been setting up secret Instagram accounts especially dedicated to their fitness journeys, called fitstas, the fitness equivalent of fake Instagram accounts or finstas.

These accounts are usually set to private, chronicling steps to the fitness process; workouts, food diaries, before and after photos, fitness inspo, and pieces of motivation. (Although privacy is totally your choice!) By the way, fitstas are not always about weight loss journeys. Sometimes, they are also accounts that document recovery from eating disorders, or the process of gaining weight healthily.

The reason why fitstas are effective is because it serves as an accountability document to people you choose to witness your journey, and at the same time, progress tracker to see how far you’ve come. Fitness is definitely not a process where you see instant results, but an Instagram account dedicated to chronicling your efforts makes the hard work more apparent.

2.  Take it easy.

Most fitness aspirants fall of the rails on the second or third month of their journey, and this is because they operate on an all-or-nothing mindset. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Easier said than done, so here are practical tips to "take it easy" in your fitness journey: lessen calorie intake by small increments rather than radically switching up to a completely “clean” diet, start your first two weeks of working out by focusing on stretching, movement prep and conditioning exercises (complicated, heart-pounding moves can wait), and reveal your journey to a small number of your trusted friends first (thus the private fitsta), to relieve the societal pressure that often goes with trying to lose weight.

3.   Pepper your space with inspo!

The adage “Remember why you started” can actually be hacked: print out and stick up images of the healthy bodies you admire, delicious healthy dishes you want to learn making, and quotes that keep you going—no matter how cheesy they may be.

We often forget our fitness inspirations when they’re tucked safely in a folder on our computer desktop or as a saved photo compilation on our phone. Having our inspiration board visible in areas we don’t need to click to access helps us be reminded of our goals instead of forgetting or running away from them.

4.   Discover the fun in food.

"Healthy food is boring” is an excuse that no longer cuts it. In this day and age, many companies, small business and brands have been creative in producing a wide array of delicious (and delicious-looking!) ways to enjoy what are traditionally known as "diet food."

From ice cream made ketogenic, cold cuts made preservative-free, to rice alternatives that don't even make you feel like you're missing out on the real, carby version, there's a section of food readily available, accessible and affordable that has really evolved to make people have a more enjoyable relationship with healthy food.

5.   Make treating yourself a constant and normal part of your journey.

Allowing yourself rest days or indulgent meals (not necessarily full days) in very often intervals give a twofold benefit to your journey: it not only allows your body to reset its metabolism, it also allows you to push forward knowing your next goal is not so far away.

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