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Neal P. Corpus

Posted on November 05, 2020

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Looking for the right condo design? Orean Place shows 2 distinct viewpoints of a well-designed home that are both attractive and purposeful.

Published in partnership with ALVEO LAND

There are countless considerations when buying a condo. Apart from location, price, and accessibility, there’s also the question of how to design it.

More than simply looking at aesthetics, the design of a home should serve a purpose. Will it be a space to entertain friends, or does it need to double more as an office where you can meet clients? Will it be a bachelor’s pad, or a home for a growing family?

Taking these things into account should help decide what furniture and finishes will go best.

If you’re in need of some serious design inspiration, Alveo Land’s Vertis North showroom is the perfect place to see these different design choices in play.

Alveo Land’s Orean Place is nestled right in the heart of Vertis North.

Featuring the latest tower of Orean Place, its Vertis North showroom has two model units: a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom that showcase two design directions for two different needs.

Both units are by interior design firm Design Hirayama+Quesada, which specializes in creative design for hotels, restaurants, bespoke homes, and more. With over 15 years of experience under their belt, there’s definitely a thing or two to learn from the way they designed these units.

If you are a young entrepreneur on the go, the one-bedroom model unit’s design is perfect for you. Orean Place’s central Quezon City location is surrounded by a multitude of potential connections for both lifestyle and business, all within a laid-back neighborhood.

Orean Place’s one-bedroom model unit is staged as an ideal home for a young, on-the-go entrepreneur.

The unit itself is approximately 58 square meters, giving the space enough flexibility for both business and leisure. From hosting dinner with friends to doing quick meetings with clients, it’s also your personal oasis in the city.

The palette and furniture of the one-bedroom unit is also more grown-up, with subdued colors and a mix of natural and industrial finishes.

The two-bedroom model unit of Orean Place is designed for a young family.

The two-bedroom, on the other hand, is designed for a small or growing family. It has ample space at approximately 91 square meters, making it ideal for spending quality time together.

Orean Place’s Vertis North address also allows you to be close enough to family within the metro, letting you take advantage of its northern location for weekend drives outside the city.

In contrast to the one-bedroom, the two-bedroom model unit is finished with a more vibrant palette. This is complemented with strong focal pieces that invigorate the space, matching the energy of a young family.

What’s great about Orean Place, however, is that any of these design directions fit any unit size. Whether you’re a bachelor or bachelorette in a studio, or a family that needs to size up to a three-bedroom, this property is the perfect choice for you.

Orean Place is also equipped with various amenities and outdoor spaces that naturally extend the home.

Here are just some of the great tips we picked up from these distinctly designed units:

Tell a color story

The first thing that really makes a home distinct is its color story. It helps create a certain mood, depending on what you’re going for.

For example, the colors in the one-bedroom are based on cool tones. With grays complemented by steely blues and greens, they all create a relaxing palette that’s easy on the eyes.

The one-bedroom model unit makes use of cool tones, seen here in steely blues and greens that are easy on the eyes.

Don’t be limited to the colors on the wall — here, colors are applied to various accent items around the space: from the bedroom pillows, the bar cabinet, the artwork on the walls, and more.

The two-bedroom model unit features bright, pastel hues that make for a lively home.

The two-bedroom, on the other hand, feels more bright and lively. Pastel accents in yellow and blue appear throughout, and a green accent wall helps pull everything together. These are also grounded by neutral colors, like the light gray couch and marble coffee table.

The warmth is in the wood

Apart from the built-in wooden cabinets seen in both units, touches of wood aren’t just found in more usual places like the dining table and chairs. For example, the two-bedroom features a wooden coat and hat rack set against a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

In the one-bedroom, on the other hand, a wooden towel shelf brings a bit of warmth to the bathroom.

Green is in(doors)

The plantita and plantito trend isn’t popular for no reason. Not only does it bring a piece of the outdoors into your home, it also adds an element of lushness. Having these in a living space only helps liven it up even more.

Another way to bring in nature is to furnish with natural materials, just like the rattan weave on the shelf housing the TV in Orean Place’s one-bedroom model unit.

Accessorize with geometry

Another way to create interesting details in your home is by adding touches of geometry. You can do this with wall decor, like a geometric animal seen in the two-bedroom model, or in the wall art similar to the living room of the one-bedroom unit.

For a minimalist touch, a hanging mobile like the one in the two-bedroom model unit will create a subtle but interesting detail.

Geometric pieces can also be used to pull focus into a room, like this large piece above the bar cabinet in the one-bedroom, or the angular canopy frame in the two-bedroom.

Play with light

The way a space is lit can really change and amp up a room. Both model units of the Orean Place showroom feature crown lighting that creates a sophisticated, bright space.

Complemented by smaller light fixtures that deliver dimension, they can bring even more detail depending on the design direction. Take for example, the spherical bedside lamp in the one-bedroom, or the round, cloud-like shades that adorn the two-bedroom unit.

These are only some of the endless design possibilities in a development like Orean Place. A visit to the showroom will serve as a great jump-off point for inspiration: mix and match pieces, take color swatches from both units, or perhaps even reimagine the entire space completely.

No matter what your future home requires, a space like Orean Place will serve as the perfect canvas.

To visit the Orean Place showroom, send a direct message to Alveo Land on Facebook or visit for more details.

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