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Chica Villarta

Posted on January 12, 2021

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Welcome to Work From Home, Season Two! Kindly take a seat.

For the love of a supreme deity, and your back, please buy a decent working chair! Isn't it enough that the pandemic sped up our aging? Isn't it enough that your laptop screen is straining your eyes? Will you spend the rest of your days holed up in that stiff dining chair designed without any considerations for spine health?

The difference between this year from the last is that this time, we've already gotten used to the work from home lifestyle, and are so much more ready to prepare for a year of Zoom calls and sitting still in one spot at home. So if you haven't already invested in one, we repeat—go get a good chair! The best office chairs are ergonomic, meaning they are designed for optimum use.

Wait, why are we so riled up? It's just a chair! You'll have to excuse the enthusiasm, but we can't wait to share some pretty simple, but good advice—and found three great chairs you can actually buy—to keep your back in good shape for another year (or so) of working from home. Let's start!

1. For long hours of use, your working chair should be high enough to support your entire back.

Bad posture isn't something you want to have. Apart from being a breeding ground for chronic pain later in life, weak posture makes you feel sluggish and slows down your productivity. A supportive, high-back chair keeps your posture in check.

2. Your chair of choice should support good posture.

Make sure your feet should lie flat on the floor, and your body should be at a 90-degree angle from the ground.

High back chairs are your WFH BFF. Image from Ashley Furniture

Visit Ashley Furniture at One Bonifacio High.

3. Make sure your chair supports the arch on your lower back.

Fun anatomy fact: our lower backs are naturally curved inwardly, so good lumbar support is important in a chair. Ergonomic office chairs are supposed to fill in the gap between your spine and the seat.

Chronic lower back problems become a thing with old age, so try slowing down the process by protecting this delicate part of the back—we'd even suggest adding on a pillow for this purpose, if needed.

4. It’s adjustable for your body type.

Here's a disclaimer for all tips stated in this article: at the end of the day, every body is still built differently, so you'll have to still choose which position or chair gives you the best posture.

Reasons like this make it even more logical to invest in a chair you can adjust according to your height, so you can manipulate it until it feels just right.

5. You might one to consider a chair with a good headrest.

Back support becomes all the more effective if your chair can support you neck and head as well. A strained neck is something you don't want to have at the end of the day, for it may affect your sleep and even the precious hours you use to unwind after work.

Chairs with headrests are a godsend, for not only do they maintain good posture all the way up to your neck, they're a great relaxing tool for short periods of rest in the middle of going hard all day at work.

Ergonomic chairs will give back your good back. Image from Dimensione

Visit Dimensione in Alabang Town Center.

6. A rolling chair makes a huge difference in working more efficiently.

We love a rolling and swiveling chair not only for its ability to get us from workspace to kitchen in ten seconds—in all seriousness, it also allows us to reach different parts of our workspace with ease and haste, without the strain and hassle of adjusting and breaking free from a heavy piece of upholstered wood.

Need to get to the printer behind you? Easy! Want to move your chair back to pick up a pen? No sweat. Want to get some movement in and stretch out your hips and waist? It actually helps. Rolling and swiveling chairs allow a full range of motion in your often-cramped workplace, making you  move faster, and even encourage you to get your body moving.

Rolling and swiveling chairs allow for some freedom in a cramped home office. Image by MOs Design

Visit MOs Design in Bonifacio High Street.

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