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Sister style


Chica Villarta

Posted on April 10, 2021

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This Siblings Day, fashionable sisters Yanna and Dainnie Lopez prove that style can be genetic.


Mall mirrors, restaurant corners and every intricate nook and cranny of the Manila Peninsula (their perennial hang-out spot) have borne witness to the sartorial sorties of siblings Yanna and Dainnie Lopez. Yanna, Junior Fashion Editor of magazine L'Officiel Philippines, has a penchant for patterns and a sweet assortment of footwear, while her sister Dainnie, a university student and budding creative, takes to colorful ensembles matched with her DIY creations.

Both are evident lovers of vintage, mixing their mother's archive pieces with thrift finds from their favorite on-ground and online haunts. This Sibling's Day, the stylish sibs dish on each other's fashion and beauty favorites, with a gorgeous set of—you guessed it—vintage-inspired photographs they shot right at their home.

PASYAL: Describe each other’s style.

BOTH: This is actually a difficult question, so we're going to answer it in equations...including IG handles for reference!

YANNA: @fruits_magazine_archives + @iaiaiswatchinu = Dainnie

DAINNIE: @kevingermanier + @marianne_theodorsen = a sparkly printed princess, that is my sister.

Photographs courtesy of Yanna and Dainnie Lopez

PASYAL: How was your style growing up? Were you the kind of sisters whose parents dressed up in identical pieces?

DAINNIE: Mom dressed us up really well especially when we were toddlers. When I got older though, I did grow out of what my mom thought would look cute on me. We had our fair share of matchy clothing, but none that were too identical.

PASYAL: Yanna, being the eldest, who influenced your style?

YANNA: Our mom definitely, definitely influenced me to start loving high heels. Even now, she still always wears them! She would buy me pairs to wear to church starting from when I was about 12, and I've never looked back since lol.

Fun fact: All three of us—my mom, Dainnie, and I—are a shoe size US 6. Theoretically, we could share, but we have different tastes: Dainnie collects sneakers and Dr. Martens, I like sparkly, colorful statement stilettos, and our mom prefers more elegant, restrained pairs in beige and black.

Inspo-wise, I would wear anything The Nanny's Fran Fine did. She's my ultimate favorite TV fashion icon. I'm also a huge Kpop fan, so I pay attention to idol style.

PASYAL: Dainnie, who are your style inspirations? Being the younger sibling, how has Yanna informed your style?

DAINNIE: I take a lot of style inspiration from social media--Instagram especially. Like my sister mentioned, I love old 90's magazines. There are a lot of accounts on instagram that post archives of Fruits Magazine, Nylon, Teen Vogue, etc. that I follow and save as inspiration. They definitely manifest into my style.
My sister has greatly affected my style.

Because of her job and exposure to the fashion industry, I was inevitavly exposed to and influenced by it as well. Through Yanna I was able to understand what is trendy and what's a classic. She made me learn that being extra is fun and realize just how if your outfit matches your energy: it can either amplify it or make you feel better. The general rule is to genuinely just wear whatever you feel like wearing, because if you don't it ruins your whole day.

YANNA: That's a rule we both swear by! If you feel like wearing sequins to the office, do it.

PASYAL: Let’s talk beauty. Are you as both particular about makeup / skincare as you are about your style?

YANNA: I deal with adult acne, so I'm very particular about skincare--I only ever use what my derma tells me to. I don't wear much makeup apart from a light BB cream or tinted moisturizer base because piling on layers makes me break out! The most I know how to do is a simple cat-eye / peach blush/ pink lipstick combo, and that's when I'm feeling really fun.

Dainnie is great at pulling off the bright, bold makeup I see a lot of kids liking these days. She's into the neon eyeliner, the orange eyeshadow, the green lips, all that cool stuff. AND she has great skin, way better than mine, so she can go nuts! What we have in common are naturally thick brows, so neither of us apply any brow product.

DAINNIE: I don’t think either of us are too particular about makeup? Definitely not as much as our choice of clothing. I do like bolder looks than her, though. I usually get my makeup from the press gifts my sister receives (her being an editor and all...), so as much as I like a lot of colors on my face,  I don't really go out of my way to shop for cosmetics and play with makeup on my own.

My sister takes very seriously her skincare though. As for me? I’m working on it, haha.

PASYAL: What are your beauty or makeup must-haves?

YANNA: For daily makeup, I use NARS tinted moisturizer and Nivea tinted lip balm. Among my favorite lipsticks are the Dior Addict in 976 Be Dior, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in No. 52 (this is what i'm wearing in the beauty closeups), and MAC Ruby Woo.

DAINNIE: A definite essential would be tinted lip balm, since you can pretty much use it on most parts of your face. I use the same one my sister does--the Nivea cherry tinted lip balm. Recently I've been into eyelash stuff more as well, so having an eyelash curler around is also a basic for me. I use the one from MAC.

The Face Shop’s Coca-Cola eye shadow palette hasn’t let me down, for both cheek and eye makeup, PeriPera's eye glitter is a favorite too, and Total Intensity’s coloured mascara from Beauty Bar.

Shop for Yanna and Dainnie's favorite beauty finds in Rustan's at Ayala Center, Makati, The Face Shop in Glorietta and TriNoma (among other locations), and Beauty Bar in Greenbelt.

Photographs courtesy of Yanna and Dainnie Lopez

PASYAL: Do you borrow each other’s clothing? What are your favorites from each other’s closets?

YANNA: Dainnie has honestly influenced my own style a lot. I learned to like cute, colorful beaded bracelets, the type with smileys and butterflies and rainbow hearts lol, because of her--these days, those are the accessories we share (we handmade tons over the quarantine hahaha).

As for clothes, the plaid H&M midi I'm wearing in one of the photos is actually hers! I usually cinch the matching belt over a dress or shirt to hide the fact that the skirt won't zip up around my waist (she's a size smaller than me). #hacks

It's the piece of hers I borrow the most, I think.

DAINNIE: Yes, we do borrow each other’s clothing. Her printed button-downs and sweaters are my favorite to steal! I'm surprised that nothing I chose to wear for this shoot was hers, actually.

YANNA: We both love print, so our closets are bursting with it. BUT we each have very particular tastes--it often looks like we just haphazardly pile pattern on, but we're actually super picky!

For example, Dainnie wouldn't choose to wear animal print while I love it. She likes the cartoony graphic t-shirts I'd never ever wear. I like Versace-esque scarf motifs, she doesn't. She likes tie-dye, I don't. So what we do share are simpler prints like stripes, plaids, and florals. I wear a lot of black, she prefers brown. You get the picture!

Shop for some of Yanna and Dainnie's fashion favorites in H&M in Greenbelt.

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