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Shopping, new normal style


Neal P. Corpus

Posted on August 24, 2020

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Heed these safe mall shopping hacks until things go back to “old” normal.

As we move forward with the new normal, the simple things we used to enjoy will no doubt look vastly different.

Shopping, for one, is going to take some time to get used to: there are new protocols to master and new variables to consider. How much time will I be spending at the mall? How many people will I be interacting with?

Even with all these safety regulations in place, there’s no need to throw leisurely shopping at the mall out the window. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the things you need (and want) sans the new normal hassle.

1. Draw the game plan

Planning out your errands and shopping day is the first thing to do when shopping in the new normal. You’re going to want to avoid the crowds, so going at off-peak hours is the best.

And since operating hours can vary with changing restrictions, you need the latest information to plan your mall trip. Get ahead by joining Ayala Malls’ community Viber groups, which broadcast the latest announcements and changes to schedule.

After you’re done planning the general schematics of your plan, it’s time to get more specific — plan out your route within the mall itself. Ayala Malls’ Zing app offers a directory of all the stores in your chosen mall with directions, so you can arrange a more efficient game plan.

2. Rendezvous by the curb

If you’d rather shop from the comfort of your own home but can’t deal with the uncertainty of delivery times, then curbside pick-ups are the answer for you.

Ayala Malls’ DriveBuy makes this possible. Simply contact the store you want to order from (both retail and F&B stores are available), and then place an order either online or via call/SMS. For a list of participating stores and their contact details, click here.

Next, payment: online or contactless payments are preferred, but if you need to use cash, inform the store of your payment amount so they can prepare the exact change.

After that, simply coordinate with the store and confirm your pick-up time and location. This way, you can arrange all the things you need to buy and pick them all up in one go.

3. Delegate and conquer

Okay, but what if you’re too busy WFH-ing and you don’t have time to do either of the first two hacks? Lucky for you, Ayala Malls has a new service called A.N.A., or Ayala Malls Neighborhood Assistant.

Basically, A.N.A. can pick up the things you need — whether it’s essentials or a well-deserved treat — and either deliver it to your door or have it prepared for pick-up.

All you need to do is fill up an order form at your chosen Ayala Malls’ Facebook page, contact them via Viber, and pay and coordinate online. That’s it! For a list of participating malls and their Viber numbers, click here.

5. Stock it up

If you’re the kind of person that’s allergic to cooking and would like to cut down on the take-out containers, try this out: frozen cook-to-eat and heat-to-eat meals.

The Moment Group (which operates the restaurants 8Cuts, Din Tai Fung, Manam, and more), is now offering some of their bestselling dishes in frozen form, ready for you to just heat up and enjoy at home.

The service, called Moment The Grocer, is available through Food Panda and through these Ayala Malls branches:

  • 8Cuts: Greenbelt, Serendra, and Alabang Town Center
  • Din Tai Fung: High Street Central, Greenbelt
  • Manam: Greenbelt, TriNoma

Think of it this way: not only will you lessen your plastic consumption, but you’ll also inch your way into conquering the kitchen. But if you must order take-out, consider asking the restaurant to hold the plastic utensils since you’ll be eating at home anyway.

For a complete list of mall operating hours and entry guidelines, click here.

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