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Pasyal Team

Posted on July 01, 2020

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Ayala Malls Zing and Zalora make sale shopping possible right in the comfort of home.

Miss malling? We do, too. A few months ago, we wrote about the launch of Zing, Ayala Malls’ very own app, which you can use to easily navigate your way inside any Ayala mall, discover activities and events, avail of promos and search for stores you want to visit.

As Ayala Malls nationwide fully open on June 21—with tight safety procedures set in place— you can once again keep Zing handy whenever you need to venture outside home to grab essential needs.

But because health should always come first, Ayala Malls Zing partnered with online retailer Zalora to make the Ayala Malls shopping experience available in your very own home. From July 1 to September 30, 2020, Zalora is offering a sitewide* discount when you shop through this special Ayala Malls Zing x Zalora shopping link.

Click here to shop on a discount!

When you shop in Zalora through this link, you can enjoy a 20% off discount for a minimum spend of P1,699 (more details below). How’s that for a stay-at-home shopping spree? For all the stress we’ve all collectively been experiencing, it won’t do harm to add to cart from time to time.

In excitement over this fun online shopping deal, we put together a selection of our current Zalora favorites: useful fashion items you can wear at home, when you work, when you work from home, and when you workout from home.

1. This chunky braided sandal.

Perfect for wearing at home and for fast outdoor errands, this easy-to-wear footwear won’t leave your casual quarantine wardrobe looking dull.

Mango Platform Braid Sandals, P2,995

2. This almost-magical hairdryer.

We call it almost-magical because this hairdryer uses cool air to dry your locks, leaving you with undamaged, shiny tresses: perfect for work-from-home video calls where the focus is on your face and hair.

As beauty gurus have long told us, this tool is worth the investment!

Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer, P24,500

3. This mood-lifting perfume.

Unfortunately, the pandemic robbed us out of our plans to spend springtime in Seoul, but we’re all about keeping positive as we remain cooped up at home. Spritz on this spring-inspired perfume even when staying indoors and see your mood get better instantly.

blk cosmetics K-Beauty Scents in Spring, P599 (250 ml)

4. This loungewear / athleisure hybrid.

This is quarantine life reality: there are days where you will feel motivated to be productive (aka exercise), and there are days where you just have to chill and take things easy. It’s fine, hang in there. This top is the perfect thing to wear either way.

Nike AS W NSW Icon Clash Tank, P1,695

5. This roomy frock.

We’re all about maximum comfort as we work from home and stay at home, so this billowy dress is exactly our jam. And when the day comes where we can ditch our masks and go out freely, we’re foreseeing this frock to remain a staple in our closets.

Mango Lyocell Short Dress, P1,995

6. This washable everyday bag.

This year it’s all about disinfecting, disinfecting, disinfecting. After a day of being in the office or doing a stint outside the house, we’re advised to go straight to the shower and wash all the germs off. The same advise applies to our bags.

In this pandemic season, we recommend carrying a bag you can easily wash (like this tote), instead of those made of leather or hard-to-clean material.

Superdry Edit Printed Shopper Bag, P1,509

7. This exercise-to-errands shoe.

The world is coping with a big and sudden life change—we should all be about uplifting our physical and mental health. This running shoe—with its vibrant peach color, all the more—just perfectly represents that. Wear it in a home workout or as you go out to get essentials.

New Balance X-Racer Sneakers, P4,495

8. This my-skin-but-better foundation.

Cakey makeup? We don’t know her. As we wear masks and face shields all day or stay inside without the need to slather on so much product, we’re thriving in our glowing, natural skin.

But when Zoom calls beckon, a natural foundation by a makeup brand known to contain healthy skin ingredients will come in handy.

Happy Skin Dew Cooling Water Foundation SPF30 in Soft Beige, P999

9. This wearable workout motivation.

Gym businesses are the hardest hit by the virus as the government still orders them to remain closed. The best we can do to support our excellent local fitness studios is to subscribe to their online classes—it will keep their business afloat as well as encourage us to remain in good health.

For days where motivation isn’t there, perhaps a new exercise outfit will do the trick.

Under Armour Breathelux Perf Mid-Print Top, P3,195

10. This masked life makeup essential.

In case you didn’t notice, wearing a mask all day only reveals your eyes. So while lipsticks, blushes and bronzers get some rest in your vanity, your only chance to ace the masked-makeup game is to create stunning brows.

Sunnies Face Lifebrow Grooming Gel in Ash Brown, P345

Which one will you make an online beeline for? Shop through the Zing x Zalora link by clicking here.

* Brand exclusions apply.

DTI Fair Trade Number FTEB-100664 Series 2020

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