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Shelf life superstars


Pasyal Team

Posted on August 20, 2020

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Just like this lockdown, these pantry staples last (almost) forever.

Welcome to the new normal no one asked for—if there’s anything it taught us, it’s to stock up for a rainy day.

Gone may be the crazy days in March where grocery panic would ensue over the lack of alcohol, toilet paper and even baking flour—but now that we know better, it’s time to load our pantries with goods that stay fresh for long and won’t go bad in just a blink (looking at you, avocados.).

While there’s definitely nothing better than a fridge full of fresh and healthy produce, it isn’t bad to have these long-lasting goods secured in our bins in case unprecedented things happen—you know, in case a volcano decides to spew ash and forces people to stay home, in case a global pandemic causes worldwide lockdowns, and in case an entire country has to spend five months and counting in home isolation for fear of a virus yet unmitigated…

Oh, wait.

Peanut Butter

The queen of all nut butters is a staple in our pantries for good reason (though other nut spreads last long, too). Most peanut butters last up to a year, and contrary to popular belief, is great on food beyond hot toast.

A spoonful of peanut butter will level up your instant noodle game, is great as a fruit dip, and is a healthy alternative to midnight ice cream.

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Bottled Sauces

No Filipino household can live without an entire ecosystem of sauces, used as cooking ingredients or as plain ol’ sawsawan. The next time you stock up on sauces—especially vinegar, whose acidity makes it shelf life last many years—don’t be shy, get the biggest bottle. These staples last one to two trips around the sun.

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Bottled Fish

Everyone knows canned and bottled goods are the ultimate survival food, but we’d like to turn your attention to canned or bottled fish. Unlike their meat counterparts, these don’t contain nitrites, which are proven to be carcinogenic (aka cancer-causing, yikes!).

As you stock up on bottled fish, make sure the bottles remain dry and rust free to ensure their long life.

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Boxed Grains

Can we please normalize healthier carb alternatives to go with our ulam? Good thing, boxed grains like these exist—it’s a bonus that they last indefinitely as well. Just remember to keep your box away from bugs that may tear into the packaging, and check for funky smells before cooking.

If we can’t pry you away from white rice, here’s good news: that stuff lasts forever, too.

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Packaged Pasta

Just like grains, processed pasta lasts for years too—in fact, a few years past its stated expiration date, some sources say.

While Filipinos normally don’t consider pasta a carb staple, it pays to have a few packs stowed away in case visitors arrive or a celebration comes up. We’re sure many quarantine birthday celebrants agree.

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Dried Spices

The stuff great marinades are made of, dried spices are the flavorful mainstays of every kitchen countertop, so don’t be afraid to assemble a loaded arsenal of spices.

The trick to prevent them from forming into chunks? Store them in the ref, or keep them in an airtight container.

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Coffee Beans

If the only reason to store coffee beans was for the delicious smell that wafts through when you open your kitchen cabinet, it’ll still be a pantry must-have. Great thing is, coffee beans can last up to a year when stored in a dry and dark place, so feel free to amass.

During the start of lockdown last March, many people were troubled at how they forgot to refill their coffee beans because of panic over other essentials. Now we know better.

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Does coffee make your heart race? Discover more coffee-on-delivery options from a list we made especially for you, quarantine buddies!

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