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Pasyal Team

Posted on June 28, 2020

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Your health should be your top priority during a pandemic — these online services are here to help.

We’re currently living under general community quarantine, which means that citizens are now more free to go outside to do their jobs or accomplish essential tasks — but with cases still on the rise, it’s understandable (and even recommended) that we would want to continue protecting ourselves and each other by staying inside as much as possible.

It’s fortunate that we can now get the things we need without leaving the house. And while fancy salon haircuts are still out of the question (there’s no better time to learn to DIY), if you’re in need of psychosocial counseling, reproductive health products, or even contacts or a pair of new glasses, look no further. Help is just a quick tap away.

Lunas Collective

Because of the strict implementation of community-wide quarantine, cases of domestic abuse have unfortunately risen with the pandemic. Isolation and close confinement, along with difficult conditions in hospitals, have made it more difficult to seek help. To address these concerns, among others, the Office of Sen. Risa Hontiveros has partnered with Lunas Collective to launch a Messenger helpline, which is volunteer-run and operational daily between 1 to 4 p.m., provides support and psychosocial counseling to women who need assistance with family planning or are suffering from violence and abuse. Users have the option to type their own message, or choose one of the pre-written options relating to emergency services, contraceptives, or abuse.


Dima offers risk-free, affordable, and discreet reproductive health services, all done online. Customers of all ages, including minors who will need valid prescriptions, can fill out medical forms that will be reviewed by partner doctors or upload their own prescriptions, after which they can shop for birth control, pregnancy tests, and other products and medication with different payment methods including cash on delivery. The website sells generics tested by the Food and Drug Administration, making their products safe, quality, and affordable. There is also the Dima blog, which helps educate customers on reproductive health in an environment that’s fun, open, and private.

Sunnies Specs

Last month, Sunnies Specs made their services available on their website. Customers can consult online with in-house optometrists in their virtual exam room, where they can also view their patient records from previous Sunnies transactions as well as ask questions regarding their prescriptions and the order process, which includes frames and prescription lenses and offers cash on delivery. The website also offers an option to book in-store appointments. For those who wear contacts, Ideal Vision has a Facebook shop that allows users to purchase prescription contact lenses as well as solution and eyewear.

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