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Playlist: “Quarantunes”


Pasyal Team

Posted on April 07, 2020

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They say music brings us together and lets us feel what we need to feel — here’s a selection of songs that capture our every sentiment right now.

You know that part in coming-of-age movies where the protagonist is going through something life-changing, something that they’d look back to years and years after and think, “I can’t believe that actually happened.”

This is it. This is that scene.

We’re collectively going through it and none of us were prepared. One day we’re going about the monotony of our daily lives and then we’re locked inside our homes the next. But still, we’re luckier than most.

We all experience it differently, too. For my fellow freelancers, we spend our days toiling away in front of the laptop because we need to keep our fingers on the keyboard to earn a living. For some, it’s a seemingly endless cycle of sleeping and waking and eating, with the occasional online rant about how the government is handling this crisis.

No matter how you spend your days, may it be in a confusing daze or with rage-filled labor, there’s a song for that. Hence, quarantunes: a curated playlist for all of us who are taking it day by day.

“I Miss Those Days” — Bleachers

The comfort of slow cafes. Malls on weekends. Catching up with friends over beer and tacos. The freedom of being able to go anywhere, anytime. Hell, even the commute.

“Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)” — Bombay Bicycle Club

There’s no shame in taking this time to rest and relax. After all, the past three months felt like years! Take it easy, y’all.

“Work From Home” — Fifth Harmony

I mean, isn’t this the anthem? If you’re new to this, ask your freelancer friends how to better navigate this strange territory. A pump-up playlist is definitely a need, though!

“Here Without You” — 3 Doors Down

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, especially if the distance is government-mandated and you can’t do anything about it. Stay strong, lovers! Time to get creative on how you can keep the love alive, maybe?

“Don’t Start Now” — Dua Lipa

The Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) birthed Quarantine Tributes, the Facebook Group of those who are given the critical task of acquiring supplies and groceries while their parents and grandparents stay put at home. And this is their song for them. A full 180, indeed. Alternatively, this could be an ode to all those TikToks we’re doing.

“Just When I Needed You Most” — Randy Vanwarmer

Error 404: Mayor not found. Is it time to bring out the Ouija Board?

“Tomorrow Will Be Kinder” — The Secret Sisters

As if the past few months haven’t been nerve-wracking already, March came with so much more. And along with this health crisis is our individual mental battle. Hold out for hope in any way you can, because things will get better. We’ll make sure it does this time.

“Tear the Fascists Down” — Woody Guthrie

Need I say more?

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