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Pillow Talk


Chica Villarta

Posted on January 31, 2021

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We pick the best p’s for those quality z’s.

I once thought pillows were a subdivision of mom territory, something I could take for granted and cannot be bothered choosing or spending for. After all, what’s there to “choose” in a pillow? Aren’t all pillows just the same?

Alas, my 30s crept up faster than I expected and so did the generalized anxiety, real world trauma, panic attacks and the sleeping disorders that came with being a kid with an adult age. I found myself approaching the Slumber section of “mom territory” even sans a kid of my own, trying to reclaim the habit of a good night’s sleep I once effortlessly possessed in my younger years.

To my discovery: good pillows and bad pillows, they exist. And a conscious choice of good pillows could spell the difference between a productive next day or a tomorrow you wish you never woke up to. Here are some of my recommendations, and hey, don’t sleep on them—I already did the choosing for you!

Down alternative pillow

The hypoallergenic version of the famously soft goosefeather (also know as a down down) pillow, the down alternative pillow avoids allergic triggers, while giving that same, luxuriously plush feel and adaptability to body shapes and sleeping positions as its feather-filled version.

West Elm Basic Down Alternative Pillow, P2,650, Rustan's

Pillow Tip: To avoid skin breakouts and stinky slumbers, change your pillowcases every three days.

Visit Rustan's at Ayala Center, Makati.

Memory foam pillow

Suffering from or feeling the start of a bad back or neck? The memory foam pillow is known to be a favorite of those sleeping with chronic pain. As the memory foam pillow adapts to your body, it balances and relieves stress in the head and neck, aligning your spine, which is often the cause of pain in the back area.


Tempur Original Pillow, price available in store, The Bed Room

Pillow Tip: Labels exist for a reason. Consult your pillow labels on how best to wash and care for your pillows.

Visit The Bed Room at Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

Hotel-feel pillows

Why are staycations such a popular concept, when it's just essentially sleeping in a foreign room in a familiar city? I'd like to think the luxury sleeping provisions have a lot to do with it. Hotel-grade mattresses and pillows feel expensive, with a thickness and firmness that seem to hug you and make you feel like a king.

Good thing these hotel-feel pillows are available for retail purchase if you look hard enough—the one below is on sale, too.

Sleepcare by Gourdo's Hotel Atelier Queen Pillow, Gourdo's, P3,400 / pair (plus a Buy 2 Get 2 deal)

Pillow Tip: Got a painful back? Sleep with only one (or no) pillow, and elevate your feet with another pillow to ease the tension on your spine.

Visit Gourdo's at Alabang Town Center, Trinoma, U.P. Town Center and Glorietta 4.

Gel-coated pillow

While memory foam pillows give a great amount of foundation for your head and neck, its firmness and structure might make it too hot to handle for those who break a sweat easily. Gel-infused pillows are said to offer the same ergonomic qualities of memory foam, with more cooling and breathability.

Sealy Posturepedic® Pillow – Gel Luxe Fibre Firm, P3,870, The Bed Room

Pillow Tip: Luxe up your sleep experience by applying linen spray onto your pillows and sheets.

Visit The Bed Room at Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

Tell us, which pillow will you be snuggling with tonight?

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