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Pasyal Team

Posted on August 10, 2020

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Creature comforts for your constant companion.


One silver lining to our perpetual stay-at-home sitch? We get to hang out at all times and in all ways with our loved ones, and that includes our pets.

For a lot of us, our furry friends are at the receiving end not just of our affection but also, a large part of those very frequent online shopping packages.

For all devoted fur-parents, we put together this shopping list to fulfill all your fuzzy children’s needs (and wants). There’s nothing more fulfilling than spoiling them.


The most basic, and most likely the oft-used: a good, cozy, and sturdy bed. Domestic animals love a personal spot to lay their heads down, and though we know how ratty and beloved it will become in say, a year, still we select something that’s cute for our home and comfortable as your baby’s.

A bed for furry children even hu-moms and dads would want to cozy up in

A chic spot to curl up in like this Tulip Bed from Bow and Wow is great for cats, dogs, bunnies, turtles…

Visit Bow and Wow at Greenbelt 5, among other locations.

Water fountain

It’s a natural instinct for animals to be iffy with their water. Any traces of other animals’ scents is a no. Murky water is a no. Still water is a no. Water that hasn’t been changed in the past half hour? Still no. (Water you’ve freshly showered in though, is weirdly a yes).

Our pets’ instincts may have evolved to extra particular preferences (looking at you, cat slaves..), but of course we still provide.

This is not just your ordinary bowl, it’s a water fountain for your pets!

Get your cute companion a water fountain that’s silent, unintimidating, and keeps the h20 supply fresher than pure, French spring water. It’s actually incredibly vital in keeping them away from kidney disease and UTIs so yeah, it’s a justified splurge.

Visit Dogs and the City at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, among other locations.


Only the best treats for your babes! It’s gonna be hard, but resist the urge to throw ‘em a bone or a treat from your table and give them a proper snack instead.

Something yummy and safe to chew

In any case, cooked bones aren’t the best for your pups since they’re no longer soft and pose a choking hazard to them. Pick a chewier snack that lets your pet work its teeth at the same time.

Visit Pet Lovers Centre at U.P. Town Centre, Quezon City.


It’s easy to just send your pet to the groomers but nothing says TLC more than taking the time to bathe them yourself – you get to give them all the attention and take extra care with all the bits you know your baby is sensitive about.

A pet shampoo fancier (and probably sweeter-smelling) than yours

Get them a shampoo that is gentler than usual, and smells better than your run of the mill pet shampoo — Wildwash Shampoo for Deep Cleaning and Deodorizing uses all natural elements like peppermint, rosemary, and lemongrass so it’s effective at neutralizing, safe for your furbaby, and pleasant to your senses. No fake florals here!

Visit U.P. Town Animal Center at U.P. Town Center, Quezon City.


The best care you can give your pet is really taking care of its health. Vitamins are a love language, tbh.

Most of these daily supplements are a pain to administer, but it doesn’t have to be tough love all the time, especially when the vitamin is a treat.

Easy-to-administer pet vitamins in gel form!

Next time you shop, get the Virbac Nutri-Plus, which is a potently packed vitamin in a gel treat format. It’s for both cats and dogs, too so treat time can also be a moment for getting your pets together. Photo op time!

Visit Pooch Park at Ayala Feliz.

As we continually quarantine, it’s equally important to make sure our pets get the best while sheltering with us. While you’re at it, throw a bash with your pets with our dance party at home playlist.

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