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Posted on July 31, 2020

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In this two-part series, we feature the work-at-home setups of professionals from various industries.


The pandemic has pushed us into a new normal in a lot of ways — that includes how we run our career. It’s hasn’t been easy, especially since some jobs requires physical contact or social interaction, but the drastic adjustments of the past months have shows us that even at home, we can continue doing what we are known to do — and do it well.

In this first of a special two-part series, allow us to introduce to you different people with different careers (from a PR Director to a fitness instructor!) as they share their work-from-home (WFH) stations.

If you’re currently in a WFH setup as well, may this help you cull inspiration to to tweak your current set-up and transform it into a space that you love working at and staying in, maybe even during after-hours.

Janlee Dungca, PR Director

Describe your work.

I work in Public Relations as the PR Director of Castro Communications, a gender-progressive, LGBT-led Public Relations firm that handles PR for local and international lifestyle brands. I also advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and HIV-AIDS awareness, working as a volunteer for LoveYourself, a non-profit organization for the said advocacies.

Why does your WFH station work for you?

My WFH station is quite minimalist and clean, which totally works for me. I like keeping it tidy because it influences my state of mind and productivity. I also like that it’s mostly white which minimizes distractions.

Relaxing foliage adorn Janlee’s Scandi-style workstation.

What is your favorite part of your WFH area?

My favorite has got to be my newly painted wall. I’ve always wanted an accent wall and I was finally able to get to it during this quarantine period. The shade is called Coco which fits my tropical theme at home. It is a neutral brown that provides coziness and calmness to my daily work routine.

A fresh coat of paint and excessive greenery has enhanced Janlee’s WFH mood.

I’m also a proud plant mom and my plant babies help keep my peace and sanity. Whenever I feel stressed, I just look at (and talk to) them and I immediately feel uplifted. Plants definitely have a positive impact on our mental health, decreasing our levels of anxiety, and improving calmness and concentration.

RG Medestomas, Photographer

Describe your work.

I’m a commercial photographer. I take photographs of food, products, and interiors for different brands and publications. I also do portrait photography.

Why does your WFH station work for you?

Ninety-five percent of the time, I shoot on location. I rarely shoot commercial at home. But now during the pandemic and when I really have to shoot at home, I use the same table where I edit.

It works because it’s big and wide which makes it so easy for me to shift it from one thing to another. There is an outlet nearby, WiFi, and has a nice texture that works well when shooting food.

From location to home product shoots, this Lifetime table has been with RG everywhere.

I also have Lifetime table that I set up when I need extra space, this is the same table I bring with me during shoots. It’s very durable and easy to lug around everywhere.

What is your favorite part of your WFH area?

My table. It’s big and wide, allowing me to have ample space when shooting and/or editing. It has transformed into so many things — dining table (its original function), work table for my computer or laptop, photography background, food styling table, and more.

The photographer’s working station is just as worthy to be in front of the camera.

Mayumi Torribio-Penntoft

Describe your work.

I am an indoor cycling instructor at Saddle Row, a cycling and rowing studio. I used to have my classes in two of our studios in Makati and at The Fort. Now we do everything online, either live-streamed thru Zoom or pre-recorded for the studio’s video-on-demand classes.

Mayumi’s setup as an indoor cycling instructor makes the case for gym equipment that doubles as beautiful furniture.

And just recently, due to the need for an online workout buddy during the quarantine period, I decided to host my personal daily Zoom group workouts with my friends and previous viewers (who joined my Instagram Live and IGTV workout series) to continue the movement we started together from the beginning of the lockdown.

It creates a fun workout experience similar to when I conducted them through Instagram Live.

Why does your WFH station work for you?

I love how compact my little space is. Everything is within arm’s reach. I love the feeling of being surrounded by things I’ve collected over the years, as well as the art pieces I am working on. I need to be immersed in what I am doing, both mentally and physically.

What is your favorite part of your WFH area?

That’s a tough one. But my favorite corner is probably my wall of memorabilia. It holds a lot of prints and postcards from my past art residencies in Japan, letters and polaroids from loved ones, artworks traded from artists I admire, and posters from past exhibitions I’ve participated in.

When art and sport collide—Mayumi’s WFH setup is a seamless space.

Get the look

Like Janlee, RG or Mayumi’s WFH setup? Get a semblance of their fun workspaces on your own area by copping these pieces from the Ayala Mall nearest you.

Which one will you furnish your WFH space with?

Tune in next month for part 2 of this fun home series.

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