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Chica Villarta

Posted on May 02, 2021

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Customize your Mother’s Day gift with these uniquely engraved drinkware.


In a world of templated online shopping finds and a standard assortment of Cute Things Everyone Else Has, customized things always make our hearts skip a beat. And while droves will flock to flower shops in anticipation of Mother’s Day, taking a detour (or adding a second stop) towards stores that offer customizable gifts might just make mom feel extra, extra loved.

We got word that the insulated drinkware brand Corkcicle—who has its own store in Ayala Vertis North—is offering free engraving services on any of their drinkware from May 2-6, perfect for your Mother's Day gift.

We’re taking a particular liking to Corkcicle because of its sleek, lifestyle look—it’s not too sporty or athletic-looking, and feels almost natural to include in a fancy dinner table, at a nice picnic setup or among our moms' collection of beautiful glasses and fancy china. We think this is what will make it a hit with mother's, too.

Choose from 9oz canteens, coffee mugs, and even stemless wine glasses to customize for your Mom—click here for the full catalogue.

Corkcicle has 10 fonts for you to choose from—write her name in cursive, a short message in a serif font, or even one of her famous expressions in a funky typeface. We can already imagine your moms sipping their morning coffee, or chugging on their sneaky late-night wine in a pretty drinking vessel that’s 1 of 1.

Again, this service is absolutely free until May 6!

To order, click here to send Unlimited Manila (official distributor of Corkcicle Philippines) a message on Instagram, stat, if you want your mom’s engraved Corkcicle to make it to Mother’s Day on May 9. Below are the complete steps to order your customized Corkcicle:

Get your customized Corkcicle delivered to your doorstep, or pick them up from Ayala Vertis North.

Advanced Happy Mother's Day! Stay tuned to Pasyal this week for more Mother's Day ideas.

Visit Corkcicle Philippines at Ayala Vertis North.

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