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Mind, body, and belly


Pasyal Team

Posted on April 30, 2020

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There’s no better time to mind your body and well-being than now.

Your quarantine days may now have become a cycle, so if you haven’t squeezed in a workout yet, you probably might want to consider now, so you can up your immune defense while we’re at home and we’ve got time aplenty. While we wait for all these to be over, and until we reach the point of going out without apprehension, go and pop some moves, break in those sneakers, and fill your stomachs with meals that are beneficial for your body.

There’s no time like the present to establish habits and routines as we try to ease into this new normal. Once we’ve surpassed this difficult time, you’ll come out of it with a stronger physique, a healthier body, and some hot cooking skills. And while it’s also important to ease the pressure on being productive, your health needs a little boost now than ever to combat any virus. It’s a known fact that your physical state also affects your mental well-being, so we’ll watch you hit two birds in one stone with these tips.

Playlist, check! Dance moves, check!

An alternative for workout routines is a whole lot of dancing. Lift your mood and strengthen your stamina by sweating to the beats of your go-to playlist for your cardio. A quick search on YouTube of your favorite popular song + “workout” will get you dancing to your tunes in no time. Better yet, unearth your old Dance Dance Revolution — or you can pull a BTS and play Just Dance.

You had me at healthy living

Scour your fridge and pantry, add a few healthy recipe searches, or maybe a dash of your mom’s good ol’ recipe, heat up the pan, and you’ve got yourself the ingredients and hopefully, the motivation to start cooking. Keep the greens, lessen the oil, cut back on the sugar and salt. Load up with a nutritious diet and end the quarantine with you saying, “Yes, I do the cooking!”— sinful treats are welcome, occasionally.

By all means, move and stretch those muscles

Your exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous at once — start with a little stretch, a few crunches, and a plank to kick off your workout. Fancy gym equipment can get you sweating in no time, but maximizing your home’s own heavy furniture can also do the same. For something easier? Do some lunges on your stairs but stationary running can do wonders, too. Remember: no pressure, just go on a pace you’re comfortable with.

Savor that much coveted sleep

Days now seem much longer after the moments usually spent stuck in traffic have been added to our free time. You might start binge-watching shows until the wee hours of the morning or get stuck in the loop of scrolling through social media, but taking some of your new found time to catch on sleep and maybe even get a full 8 hours will keep your immune system geared up. Rest is a must!

Bottoms up, but with water

It’s a no brainer that water is always good for the body, but some still need gentle reminders to drink the necessary 8 glasses per day. We’ve officially transitioned to the hotter days of the calendar, so you’re practically doing your body a favor by keeping yourself well-hydrated at all times. Have a trusty bottle by your side because with all the food you probably might be consuming this quarantine, it’s best to aid your body’s digestion by drinking up.

Hey now, calm your thoughts

Apart from exercise, slowing down can help keep your health at top shape. If you want to feel more relaxed, go and take deep breaths to calm your mind. A personal favorite is box breathing — count to 5 each time you inhale, hold it in, and exhale. Tune out the noise of your brain for a moment, close your eyes, and just focus on your breathing. Being mindful can go a long way at these anxiety-inducing times.

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