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The Reward-Yourself Gift Guide


Pasyal Team

Posted on December 21, 2020

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Who needs Santa when you have yourself?

Most people wait til the end of the year for their big-ticket purchases, usually as the result of a full year’s worth of saving up, or because company bonuses allow us to reward ourselves and our loved ones for a year of hard work and sacrifice.

But as a result of 2020, so many people are in need of assistance, and sharing our blessings as much as we can makes all the difference in helping everyone start the new year on better terms.

Now if we’ve managed to help out and still get to set aside a good amount of savings or extra earnings to treat ourselves and our loved ones, then treating yourself you to a few extra nice things will motivate you to continue working hard for the next year, so we have more for ourselves and for others. Stumped on what to get yourself? We might have some ideas.

A TV that becomes art

The Samsung Frame TV, apart from a selection of bezel colors that make the TV look like a framed piece of art, allows you to switch to Art Mode, where you can select thousands of artworks to show on screen, projected in a way that it looks like the real thing.

It's art and tech in one.

Visit Abenson in Ayala Malls 30th, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf and Ayala Malls Marikina, among other locations.

The best fragrance of your life

Maison Francis Kurkdjian is known to create the most indulgent aromatics in the world, and as an alternative to the usual perfume, why not make your space get in on the action, too? Without any paint job or renovation, this scented candle transforms your room solely through smell.

Have the best deep breaths ever.

Visit Adora at Greenbelt 5.

Safety, but make it hype

The local franchise of international streetwear collective Commonwealth has their own version of a nifty, COVID-era tool: a door opener multi-tool, which you use to, well, open doors and press on public surfaces such as elevators without your hands making direct contact.

If you frequent their Greenbelt store for sneakers, caps and sweaters, might as well cop one of these as well.

Style and safety in a nifty tool.

Visit Commonwealth at Greenbelt 5.

Trash bin but make it part of the furniture

Trash cans just got a glowup. The waste basket area is often a taboo part of any space, there solely for its function but often avoided or hidden for its grotesque appearance and content. Well, not anymore.

Brabantia trash bins come in a variety of shapes, colors and finishes (think: a matte black trashcan resembling a side table, yes it exists) that allow the once-avoided repository of waste to be a welcome part of the home.

When trash bins are part of the furniture...

Visit Rustan's at Glorietta.

A sleek countertop addition

We love a good piece of toast in the morning, and even more so when it comes from a toaster that looks as sleek as an Italian sports car. That said, is this DeLonghi toaster the most essential need to produce a great, crusty piece of canvas for your peanut butter? The answer is no, but it sure would be great to have in any kitchen counter.

Sleek toaster options are always a treat.

Visit Rustan's at Glorietta.

A table grill for restaurant-level home meals

They say the hottest restaurant of 2020 is everyone's own dining table, so while there's more freedom to eat out (safely, please!) these days, there's no reason why your at-home bistro should lose its imagined Michelin star.

Get a table griller and mimic a fancy teppanyaki or your go-to Korean barbeque place. It's a healthier option than frying, too!

For at-home Korean barbecue dinners.

Visit Abenson in Ayala Malls 30th, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf and Ayala Malls Marikina, among other locations.

A new normal essential

2020 taught us many things—among them is that respiratory health is important, and even the littlest, unseen things floating around the air can determine the difference between life and death.

This Vornado Air Purifier should keep the air around us clean (along with strictly following anti-virals safety guidelines, of course), while we wait impatiently for our turn to get a vaccine.

Practically a must after a year of airborne viruses.

Visit Rustan's at Glorietta.

A comfy duvet you wouldn't want to rouse from

Ever wish you could sleep this year away? Well, with only 10 days left, you technically can! Soothe your stresses with this luxurious duvet set and dream of a better new year.

Sleep 2020 away... and dream of a better new year.

Visit Rustan's at Glorietta.

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