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Mask-friendly makeup


Pasyal Team

Posted on July 16, 2020

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Your supply run lewk need not be elaborate nor sloppy — here’s how.

We’ve all given up a beauty habit or two during these days spent in the great indoors. When we do need to step out of the house—for essential reasons of course—why not put on a bit of beat?

It’s a tiny dose of happiness, plus, when focused on the eye area, it helps you communicate a bit better with fellow mask-clad people in the outside world. Expressive eyes and brows do the trick — here’s how to do it in five easy steps.

1. SPF and Conceal

First rule of anything in beauty is SPF, always. Whether outdoors or indoors (UV from gadgets and windows!), it’s a must. After all, you wouldn’t want the glass skin you worked hard for right?

Second, but not such a hard and fast rule, is to conceal. Foundation may be a bit too heavy especially errands may mean lining up, getting sweaty outside, etc.

Good To Go Five Minute Fresh Face Summer-Proof Foundation & Concealer In Medium, P1,299

Happy Skin has one such product that has both in one — a “five minute fresh face.” Dispensing product sparingly, layer the product under your eyes and in the middle of your forehead with your ring finger. Blend out evenly if you’re happy with a sheer layer,  repeat for coverage.

Visit Happy Skin at U.P. Town Center.

2. Curl

Step 2 is to open up the eyes using an eyelash curler. Investing in a good lash tool is crucial because lash breakage is a very real thing. Shiseido’s does a precise and clean job of flipping up the fringe, and very comfortably too.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler, P1400

To keep them curled all day, squeeze your curler in three spots: the base, the middle, and about a step towards the tip. Doing this makes sure your lashes don’t flip up flat and instead naturally curl outwards and upwards.

Visit Shiseido at Alabang Town Center.

3. Hold

For an extra hold to your curl, secure your fringe with a smudge-proof, curl-enhancing mascara. Anti-clump beauty hack: swipe your brush through a folded piece of tissue to wipe off any excess before wiggling brush from base to tip of lashes.

The Face Shop Freshian Curling Mascara, P225

For additional layers, just pick up product from the tissue you used to wipe the brush. This way, you give your mascara a longer shelf life and keep the tube hygienic. This avoids the usual double-dipping (goodbye, contamination!).

Visit The Face Shop at U.P. Town Center.

4. Brows

The most crucial part! Use a skinny pencil like Sunnies Face’s Lifebrow, and start from the middle or the sparsest area of your arch, working your way through to the outward tip in quick, small strokes.

Sunnies Face Lifebrow Skinny Pencil in Warm Brown, P295

Fill in the inner part of your brows last as these tend to be already full.

Visit Sunnies Face at U.P. Town Center.

5. Set

Finally, for brows that last an errand-filled day, set it with a clear gel like Benefit’s 24 Hour Brow Setter. Using the product’s tiny applicator, comb through your arches only once to avoid clumping, then let set. It’s outside-world proof!

Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel, P1,400

Visit Benefit at Greenbelt.

While you’re at it, why not match your mask to your beat? Check out our round-up of designer masks here.

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