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Mall in the name of love


Pasyal Team

Posted on February 21, 2020

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We scoured our favourite Ayala Malls for Heart’s Day haunts that made us smitten.

An advanced notice for February 14, 2021: Don’t believe your significant other when they say they say don’t want anything for Valentine’s. Of course they do—they’re just waiting for you to take the initiative.

As Valentine’s day rolled along, we rounded up our favourite mall finds that were unique, compelling and absolutely romantic.

Take the hint and keep these in mind for next year—after all, you have more than 360 days to prepare.

In Trinoma, the only fake flowers we wanted to see on Valentines

Some people weren’t keen on gifting fresh floral arrangements that just looked exactly like the one on the candlelit table right next to them.

Graphic, more statement-making alternative to fresh blooms were overflowing at the first level of Trinoma last weekend.

Ever seen a balloon animal? Well, how about a balloon bouquet, thrice the size of your standard flowery bunch?

Image from the Hallmark Philippines Instagram

We were sold upon seeing the gargantuan balloon designs by Hallmark and Celebration Balloons at Hallmarket: A Valentine’s Day Flower Balloon Market, located at Trinoma last February 13 to 15.

Balloon experts from Celebration Balloons did their signature twisting and turning to transform colourful balloons into cartoonish iterations of your favorite flowers.

Vloggers Mimiyuuh and David Guison with Hallmarket balloon arrangements. Image from

Other balloon arrangements were for sale as well—from heart-shaped pieces to standard round ones in saccharine shades—to go with no-fail Hallmark cards known to punctuate any day worth celebrating.

In select UP Town Center and Greenbelt, where heartwarming love messages gave us the fuzzies

A shot at self-expression for the romantically tongue-tied, Words Unspoken was an online call by Ayala Malls to send in anonymous messages to the subject of your affection—messages you haven’t said or don’t have the guts to say in person.

Select entries were then turned into artwork, displayed in Words Unspoken exhibits in UP Town Center and Greenbelt.

At Words Unspoken in Greenbelt, Issa Barte’s art put illustrations around love messages. Image from

UP Town Center and Greenbelt collaborated with Ross Du and Issa Barte respectively—young and talented Filipino illustrators who turned chosen Words Unspoken entries into beautiful illustrations bearing their signature styles.

At Words Unspoken at the UP Town Center, Ross Du’s berry-hued illustrations contained sweet sentiments secret no more. Image from

Take inspiration from Words Unspoken and write down your own messages of love for the rest of the year—a collection of love letters work on just about any object of affection!

At One Bonifacio High, where food was the best way to say I Love You

Subtlety wasn’t the best trait to flaunt for Valentine’s, and neither was the discipline to hold back on your calories.

Alas, the VDay festivities aren’t over just yet—for the entire month of February, M Bakery arranges a sweet two-in-one with delicious cakes and pastries that express what you’ve always wanted to tell your partner.

A fair warning: these handmade treats are all loved up from icing to cake, and they particularly don’t go well with minced words and mixed feelings.

Valentine’s Day-themed cupcakes. Image from M Bakery

Take the edible image cupcakes that come with sweet love messages, or your choice of red velvet, vanilla or chocolate cupcakes that comes with classic Valentine’s Day toppers.

Cupcakes with delicately piped buttercream roses are sure to convey your romantic feelings while a three-layer red-velvet cake with an overflow of heart sprinkles offers no other translation than “I love you.”

Red velvet cake. Image courtesy of M Bakery

If your SO’s an M Bakery fan, prepare yourself to secure multiple dates ahead with their classic banana pudding in red velvet. These Valentine’s Day treats are no longer on display but may still be pre-ordered at M Bakery.

Visit M Bakery at the ground floor of One Bonifacio High in Taguig.

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