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Posted on June 16, 2020

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Get your plastic beads and white glue — it’s time to bring arts and crafts back.

With three months of getting used to social distancing and staying indoors, we’ve done what we can to avoid feeling like the passage of time has been a waste — from educating ourselves on what’s going on, to catching up on the pop culture we’ve missed, to even learning how to make our own bread. Life moves differently when the structures of our days aren’t the way we’re used to.

Another bright spot during these long days has been DIY inspiration from the likes of Instagram and YouTube — and, no, the bogus clickbait from 5 Minute Crafts doesn’t count. Going back to basics has been a recurring theme in these past few weeks, so the best creative content to check out for ideas tends to be simple, accessible, and fun. Best of all, they don’t discriminate between ages. (Think Art Attack! or Childcraft books.)

Here are five sources of arts and crafts inspiration you can find online.

Alice Zhang

Artist Alice Zhang shares photos and process videos of her adorable creations, which are finely detailed feltwork of the cutest big-eyed animals, from a shiba inu donning a dinosaur onesie to panda bears playing soccer. Her shop sells finished pieces, or you can opt to buy DIY packages so you can try it yourself. She also does customized work, perfect for making tiny felt versions of your pets.

Follow @alicezhang_seller on Instagram.

Mansy Abesamis

Mansy Abesamis is the person behind craft shop Hey Kessy, which also holds workshops on all sorts of creative pursuits — including ceramics, papercrafts, and jewelry making, which are the artist’s specialties. On her Instagram, Mansy shares her latest pieces as well as tips on how to achieve the best results for projects of your own.

Follow @mansyabesamis on Instagram.

Damask Love

Amber Kemp-Gerstel is a trained clinical psychologist and Disney+ host who’s passionate about sharing and imparting a love of arts and crafts to kids and anyone else who might be interested. Her page is a bright splash of color full of educational and fun ideas and instructions for journaling, handmade trinkets, and even functional supplies.

Follow @damasklove on Instagram.

Royalty Soaps

On this channel, soap creator Katie Carson, and sometimes her siblings, shares detailed videos on the complete process for making fancy and cool-looking bars of soap, with bonus scientific facts and lots of enthusiasm about scents, (biodegradable!) glitter, and fun design themes like birthstones and cacti. They also do product reviews for kids’ bath bomb and soap craft kits.

Subscribe to Royalty Soaps on YouTube.

K-Pop idols under quarantine

Last week, over five million people watched in real time as BTS member J-Hope made beaded bracelets right out of a kit for his band mates for over an hour. The livestream itself was a continuation of an earlier stream in which he did the same activity. BTS has spent the quarantine period doing lives for fans; they’ve made dalgona coffee, carnations for Parents’ Day, and decorated their lightsticks, all of which have inspired others to do so themselves. Other groups seem to have been bitten by the creative bug, too: check out WayV making gifts for their pets and N.Flying getting in on the dalgona coffee action.

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