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How i escape: Podcasts


Pasyal Team

Posted on September 13, 2020

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In this final part of our How I Escape series, we ask five creatives for their favorite podcast picks.

How I Escape is a series where creatives share the books, films, and podcasts that, as the title suggests, help them escape and take a break from life. This month, we’re listening in on the informative soundscape of podcasts.

Here, we’ve gathered five creative industry professionals to share their favorite podcast that’s helped them cope under quarantine.


In Popcast, music critic Jon Caramanica breaks down the pop songs that rule the Top 40.

“I think it was late March, at the peak of lockdown, when Dua Lipa decided to drop her sophomore album ‘Future Nostalgia.’

With all the hype surrounding the album — being produced by the guy responsible for Madonna’s and Kylie Minogue’s club banger hits – I got curious about how it was going to sound like.

I was searching for articles and reviews on the album when I chanced upon the music critic podcast of The New York Times called Popcast. The show is hosted by Jon Caramanica, who infamously inspired the lyrics to Solange’s Don’t You Wait — but that’s another story.

The 40-minute episode flawlessly dissected Lipa’s album, listing down comparisons and inspirations of each song to its cadence and BPM. I didn’t expect I’d learn a lot about pop music in 40 minutes with all the references on pop culture and music history.

I’ve subscribed and listened to each episode since then.” — David Milan, stylist and creative director

The High Low

Get a weekly dose of informative chika with British writers Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton in The High Low.

“If there’s anything I miss about pre-quarantine life, it’s the office chikahan with my friends and colleagues.

It hasn’t happened recently since discussing the life in quarantine and the news right now can ruin anyone’s mood, so I’m getting my dose of informative chika from British writers Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton of The High Low.

It’s an all-around weekly culture podcast where they cover everything from Robert Pattinson’s weird pasta recipe to dating and sex during lockdown to important social movements happening around the globe.

This podcast is a good mix of smart, candid, and funny. The British accents makes it extra cute too.” — Maine Manalansan, editor and producer

Grid Magazine Podcast

Grid Magazine‘s podcast takes us on a tour around the Philippines that’s loaded with context and history.

The Grid Magazine Podcast is something that definitely transports me when I listen to it. Traveling the Philippines, there’s always so much to learn, [and] Grid discusses cultural implications and our history, which are all related when you talk about travel in the Philippines.

[My favorite episode is] Escape to Paradise — an eventual discussion on indigenous land and laws in the Philippines.” — Ada Laud, stylist and entrepreneur


In each season of Dissect, host Cole Cuchna anazlyzes an album from the most prolific musicians of our time.

“Breaking down one critically acclaimed album per season, Cole Cuchna’s Dissect is a treat for lovers of music and fun facts.

He deep dives into lyrics, chords, samples, narratives, themes and visuals — amplifying not just the album’s technical production but also its social and cultural relevance.

It’s perfect for people like me looking to get out of their own heads and into the world of Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar and more.

The latest season unpacks “Because the Internet” and Childish Gambino’s confrontation of existential loneliness and attempt in finding meaningful connections in the age of the internet. Sound familiar?” — Tin Sartorio, creative producer

Soul Music

BBC Radio 4’s Soul Music gathers people from all walks of life to discuss what an iconic song means in their lives.

“I love listening to BBC Radio 4’s Soul Music, a podcast that takes a prestigious song (sometimes a piece of music) and essays how the song figures itself in real life.

An episode would have all kinds of narrators — an astronaut, a mom who is differently abled, a newly-wedded couple, and the featured song’s composer and singer speak in my favorite episode — and they’d just talk about their story with the song.

Their stories are interspersed with the featured song, making for an almost cinematic experience.

The concept couldn’t be more simple, a random assortment of people just talking about the same song, and yet it gets me every single time: it’s just so pure, and such a testament to wherever and whoever you are, you inevitably share a bond with the rest of the world.” — Gian Nicdao, art director

Podcasts are possibly best enjoyed while running errands — if you’re looking for an excuse to stock up, well, here it is.

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