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Hair for the holidays


Pasyal Team

Posted on November 21, 2020

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Locks that look good for both virtual and personal festivities.

How and with whom are you spending Christmas? We know for sure that Holiday celebrations will be looking different this year—those who have resumed meeting loved ones and friends in person may opt for smaller, more intimate get togethers, while those still being extra careful might be spending their first virtual Christmas.

Whether the holidays for you means logging on to a virtual meeting room or stepping into the same space with your loved ones for the first time in months, here are fun hairstyles that usher in the festive season and might just shake us out of our 2020 funk.

Fun Fringes

The thing about isolation being everyone's default is that it emboldens us to try things we've never done before—so now is the best time to try an edgy hairstyle you've always wondered if you could pull off.

Fancy a fun, cropped fringe like this? 2020 is the perfect year to be your own guinea pig. Halting at the center of your forehead in a continuously blunt cut all throughout, this hairstyle brings excitement your holiday outfits or even your lone head from the screen of a Zoom party.

You ought to try blunt bangs in an awkward length before the year ends.

Half A Man Bun

For obvious reasons, guys have been more than lax on their otherwise on-the-dot barbershop schedule, sporting longer-than-usual 'dos that reveal how luscious their mane can be. We say, instead of buzzing it all off, lean in to your long locks and sport a bun with only the upper half layer of hair—a laid back alternative to the once-trendy man bun.

Whether paired with hanging surfer shirts or a structured outfit for contrast, the look might just be a welcome surprise for those who haven't seen you in months.

Embrace long hair by sporting a beachy take on the man bun.

Purple Mane

2020 sure shook things up for all of us, so we recommend ending the year with your own take on an unexpected surprise—how's a dyed 'do for a change? Throw your Facetime Christmas co-celebrants for a loop with a vibrant mane that's ready to welcome new and positive change.

Pick purple, or any vibrant color of your choice, and shake this year's funk away.

K-Drama Cut

A fitting ode to a year of Korean dramas easing our pandemic-related worries, this remix to the classic bowl cut reminds us of the TV and music idols who distracted us and our loved ones throughout this series of crazy events.

Hey, why don't you give it a go when Christmas celebrations come along? Trendy cuts keep you young and this particular one isn't hard to edit when you get tired of the look.

Extend the Korean craze to your holiday hair.

Achieve these holiday hairstyles by visiting your favorite Ayala Malls salons, but please remember to observe anti-virus practices while doing so! We featured some salons who observe strict safety protocols here.

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