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Group dining, gone digital


Pasyal Team

Posted on September 22, 2020

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We zoom in on take out treats you can feast on for that video call get-together.

While safely dining in is now an option in a lot of restaurants, the concept of video call get-togethers just gets better and better. From quick catch-ups to quiz nights to quarantine weddings and birthday parties, truly, the world wide web has lived up to its name in its ability to connect us to our friends.

Fond of video call sessions with friends over food and drinks? Here’s a simple suggestion to heighten the experience: before your digital dinner session, agree on a common restaurant to order from, and make sure everyone gets food from there. It’s the best way to pretend you’re in your favorite food place, enjoying your go-to dishes over conversation and the comforting restaurant buzz.

Whether its for a simple afternoon Zoom hang, an at-home brunch cosplay, or a horror moviefest via HouseParty, we picked out the best food finds at Ayala Malls to share with your friends. Order them via take-out, Ayala Malls’ DriveBuy curbside pick up, or through Ayala Malls’ newest and niftiest personal shopping service, ANA!

Carb-y Party

What’s life without brunch and what’s brunch without carbs? Don’t let the pandemic stop you from continuing your 10 a.m.-on-a-Sunday habit with friends, full slate pastry flight included! Turn on your Zoom, keep the Mimosas free-flowing and stuff yourself with baked treats you’ve been waiting all week for.

Pastries abound at Abaca Baking Company.

We can’t talk about brunch without paying tribute to one of the country’s brunch culture purveyors—Abaca Baking Company (ABC).

ABC is a Cebu City café staple—its wide selection of hearty brunch fare, along with a tempting display of freshly baked pastries right as you enter the spot has brought more life to the Queen City’s restaurant scene for years, so much so that a few years ago it opened a spot inside Ayala Center Cebu.

Visit Abaca Baking Company at Ayala Center Cebu.

Froyo For You (and you! and you!)

Pinkberry played Oprah in this pandemic and decided that “everybody gets a froyo!” with their Pinkberry Pints and individual toppings for take home, perfect for an endless supply of mix-it-yourself froyo.

If you’re like us who are well on our way to completing Quarantine Fifteen, this is surely a great way to indulge at home with less the guilt—as long as you remember to share.

Our idea of quarantine relief: Pinkberry frozen yogurt for days.

Fix up your own bowl as you curl up and settle down into an online merienda session with friends—better yet, exchange froyo orders with the gang! Pick yogurt flavors and toppings without divulging your picks, and send your Pinkberry kits to each other’s addresses.

Visit Pinkberry at Greenbelt 5.

Share A Slice—or not

So Houseparty’s all fired up, you’re in your cozy pajamas, and the barkada’s chatting away while opening credits roll—what’s missing from this group viewing party scene? The pizza, of course!

King of all take-home food, the pizza is the second niftiest movie night fare (after popcorn, of course). Convenient to eat, greasy, savory and comforting in that “we’ve known each other for years” way, pizza is the quintessential no-brainer party staple perfect for sharing with friends—except with this new normal setup, you all get to have the coveted last slice.

Nolita and Netflix—a match made in heaven.

Get your pizza fix at Nolita, a BGC-staple-turned-Ayala Mall food haunt, thanks to its convenient stall at the Food District Signatures on 5th.

Visit Nolita at Food District Signatures on 5th, One Bonifacio High Street.

Running out of group bonding ideas made virtual? We might have some ideas.

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