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Pasyal Team

Posted on September 14, 2021

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Turn your attention to these four eco-friendly wellness brands, available on ZingShops.

Pandemic aside, the past two years have been a, er, not-so-polite awakening that taking care of ourselves means taking care of Mother Earth. Remember the forest fires, typhoons, and just recently, the raging fire that struck right smack in the middle of the ocean? It's a hard reality to wrestle with, especially since shopping (and thus, accumulating and consuming things) has also served as a soothing balm to calm our apocalyptic woes. While we should also demand change in the government and corporate level, as individuals, we can start and do our own part by shifting our eye to more brands that actually care for the environment.

Ayala Malls' Zing App can help you with that. In its shopping hub called ZingShops, you can shop several eco-friendly brands that generally aim to help people shift into the use of more sustainable products. We gathered some ideas for you.

Shower essentials by The Eco Shift

Shampoo and conditioner we don't pump out of a bottle or squeeze out of a sachet sounds like a crazy idea, but these shower staples solidified into bars have actually been available in the market for years—albeit from small yet mindful companies like The Eco Shift who have made it their mission to introduce environmentally sustainable alternatives to products like soap, shampoo and conditioner that we can't help but consume.

Strawberry & Cream Body Bar, P170; Conditioner Bar, P250 and Shampoo Bar, P250, all from The Eco Shift

Order from The Eco Shift via ZingShops.

Reusable take-out sets by The Bamboo Company

Single-use plastics being lethal for the environment is no longer new knowledge, and many brands have risen to the occasion of stocking the market with reusable bottles, cutlery and containers. However, brands like The Bamboo Company have taken it a step further: a portion of their proceeds are allotted for the preservation of marine life via, helping protect ocean creatures such as whales and sharks.

The Bamboo Company Lakbawayan Eating Adventure Set, P1,699 (on sale)

Order from The Bamboo Company via ZingShops.

Multi-purpose yoga mat by SORA

In fashion, home and even beauty, multi-purpose products have been all the rage, thanks in part to the increasing call for sustainability. In the fitness front, SORA raises their own product: an ultra-grip yoga mat that also doubles as a quick-absorbing, anti-microbial beach towel. The best, most eco-friendly part? These yoga mats-cum-towels are made of recycled fabric, manufactured from post-consumer plastic.

SORA Multi-purpose Yoga Towel in Eden, P2,599

Order from SORA via ZingShops.

Bath bombs by LUSH

This Ayala Mall staple deserves a spot on this list. Apart from providing the local market with fresh, one-of-a-kind scent, shape and shade alternatives for our hygiene essentials, they've also done so in a way that lessens the use of plastic or even packaging—this is why you can't ask LUSH for an extra paper bag or even special gift wrapping. The colorful, attractive and even delicious-looking way they create their products—in this case, their best-selling bath bombs—is just an added bonus.

Lush Bath Bombs, starts at P225

Order from LUSH via ZingShops.

Got your eye on a brand or two? Order via ZingShops by downloading the ZingApp via the App Store or Google Play.

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