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Chica Villarta

Posted on December 30, 2020

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Last minute food pick-ups to satisfy age-old NYE traditions.

Do you still observe New Year’s traditions? We’ve noticed that observing these practices has become less a matter of appeasing superstitious beliefs and more of building shared memories that you and your loved ones will treasure for years.

Now if your Media Noche menu is set but you’ve yet to complete the food items that will tilt your luck to a more prosperous New Year, we’ve prepared a list you can easily pick up or have delivered from Ayala Malls.

Pansit by Papa Pancitan

Pansit is known to signify long life, and thus is a must in every Media Noche table

A spinoff concept by The Moment Group, Papa Pancitan handpicks Pinoy handaan staples from its renowned Manam menu—helmed by an assortment of well-loved Filipino pansit—throws in an array of exciting originals (Kung Pao or crispy pansit canton, anyone?) and assembles the array into a delivery-only service that aims to be the order-in go-to in every Pinoy salo-salo.

If New Year traditions are to be followed, pansit—aside from exercise and a healthy lifestyle—is the secret to a long life!

We naturally gravitate towards Pansit Sisig, traditional Pinoy pansit canton topped with the ever-famous Manam Sisig. Throw in a couple of Papa Pansitan’s Fried Pepita Paos and you’ve got yourself a filling New Year’s midnight meal.

Order from Papa Pancitan Greenbelt here.

Round Cake from L’Artizan

Filipino tradition renders any round food lucky for the upcoming year, as it signifies an onslaught of prosperity and blessings. In some countries around the world, sweets are also said to bring luck when served during New Year’s Eve.

Any bakery or patisserie at your favorite Ayala Mall will surely give you more than enough round cakes to choose from, but you might want to try L’Artizan’s Brioche Bordelaise, a glazed brioche cake traditionally sold every January in France, commemorating the appearance of Christ to the three kings.

A traditional French Christmas cake makes its way to our shores—and we're not complaining!

Also knows as Gateau de Rois (The King’s Cake), the rounded sweet pastry is meant to symbolize a king’s crown, adorned with glazed fruits signifying jewels. With that ultra-Christmasy backstory and its fragrant orange blossom aroma, the cake deserves more than a fitting space in the Media Noche table.

Take out from L’Artizan at Ayala Malls the 30th or Serendra, or order online.

Kakanin from Café Laguna

The reason why kakanin, or sticky rice is considered a New Year’s Eve must couldn’t be more literal—serving kakanin will allow good fortune to “stick” to you, and ensure that your family sticks together.

We'll believe in any superstition, if that means we get to gorge on delicious kakanin!

Our traditional Filipino kakanin is so diverse, and yet it’s no longer often seen in restaurants as a dessert option—which is why it’s such a treat when well-loved restaurants like Café Laguna in Cebu serve a variety of kakanin, not only in individual servings, but in party platters for the holidays.

Feast on the sweet comforts of biko, puto bumbong, bibingka and sapin sapin as they are available in 6-8 pax or 12-15 pax platters for Media Noche. There’s gonna be a lot to go around for families of every size!

Take out from Café Laguna in Ayala Terraces Cebu, where all four kakanin variants are available.

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