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Pasyal Team

Posted on August 25, 2020

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Recreate romantic dinners out with order-in ideas for you and your loved one.

Whoever invented 'Netflix & chill' probably didn't intend to do it for six months straight, but alas, here we are. In this new normal, the best way to show love for your significant other is to make sure they stay in the best of health, so we encourage you to make use of Ayala Malls's safe shopping hacks and order a take-home date night with the love of your life instead.

But how, you may ask, can you make an at-home romantic dinner not feel like the 624th mundane meal you've had together this quarantine?

Our suggestion is to create a theme around your date nights: dress up in outfits that match the theme, center your conversation topics around it, and most importantly, order food that fits the concept you have in mind.

Need ideas? Don't worry, we won't exhaust your emotional bandwidth with high-strung themes like a Game of Thrones at-home date night (but if you want to...)—our three suggestions below center around sweet and easy date night ideas straight from our favorite Ayala Malls restaurants.

Teenage Love

Recreate high school dates back when budgets weren't as big and palettes weren't as advanced—nothing beats comfort food like buttermilk fried chicken, mac n' cheese and a gooey cookie from Scout's Honor to bring you back to after-school rendezvous memories in a casual diner outside school.

Dress up in teenage fashion during your time, and blare old school tunes in the background. To make the evening more playful, Scout's Honor has their create-your-own-cookie option available via delivery, so order separately and let your SO guess what ingredients you put in yours.

Scout's Honor buttermilk fried chicken, create-your-own cookie, and craft-your-own Mac n Cheese

Visit Scout's Honor in Ayala Vertis North, or order here.

KDrama Couple

Props to Korean barbeque restaurants like Sibyulee who were agile enough to think of bringing our beloved KBBQ in the safety of home, portable griller and all! Now, sampgyupsal nights are possible even in the safety of home, right in front of our Netflix screen.

This one's a no-brainer. For KDrama date night, pick a series to binge, dress as the lead characters, and spend the night as if you were in the thick of bustling Seoul.

Sibyullee KBbq party kit

Wanna recreate the hit drama Crash Landing on You for date night? We have more ideas for you.

Visit Sibyullee in Ayala Malls the 30th, or order here.

A Formal Affair

Many grand birthday celebrations have been foiled by the ongoing pandemic, and perhaps many anniversary plans have been set aside as well. Thankfully, most of our favorite fine dining spots have opened up for take-aways and deliveries, so swanky celebrations can still be continued with the slight change of location.

Well if couples are finding ways to hold pandemic weddings, then a fancy date night in shouldn't be too hard to pull off for a couple in love. Take out your fine china and grace it with Lusso's famed demi-pound foie gras burger, and pan seared salmon with orange salt. Next, trade in your sweats and PJs for cocktail attire (because really, when are you gonna get to wear them next?), and pop an expensive bottle of bubbly.

Lusso demi pound burger and pan-seared salmon with orange salt

Visit Lusso at Greenbelt 5 or order here.

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