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Chica Villarta

Posted on October 30, 2020

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Salon owners share how safe it is to get that post-lockdown haircut.



As of writing, this pandemic has gone on for seven months—that's 32 weeks or 228 days long. How long, the other pandemic question is, have you let your hair grow? Have you, like many of us attempted self-service? Or were you trusting enough to let your sibling or SO do it? Whatever the case, one thing we can all agree we’ve been thinking about is: we need a *real* haircut!

The second thing to come up in our minds: is it safe? A third: are the people doing my hair safe and healthy too? A fourth: how clean do they keep the facilities?

We could go on, but to make things easier for you we at Pasyal spoke to salon owners to find out the real deal about what awaits you at your salons and what safety precautions to keep in mind and comply with. Take note!

1. Book in advance and keep the distance.

Most salons will require you to book ahead of time. Alex Carbonell, Creative Director of Studio Fix informs us that in strict compliance and response to safety protocols and government policies, salons are strictly by appointment. He also adds, that a “six-meter distance between each client or 30 to 50 percent capacity,” is followed and that they observe a one-seat-apart policy.

At Piandré, salon visits are prefaced by safety guidelines at the door.

Drea Zulueta of Piandré Salon tells us as well, “In some of our Ayala salons we have permanently removed the middle chair that we were asked to skip at the beginning of lockdown,” making sure that distance is imposed.

Social distancing between salon chairs at Piandré

2. You can’t book some services just yet...

“We have stopped offering nail services,” shares Alex. “We are avoiding the said service for safety reasons. Besides, one of the regulations in the pandemic is to maintain considerable distance among clients.” At Piandré salons, Drea informs us that they are not yet offering facials, body massage, and makeup services.

3. ...but for those services that you can, they will perform with strict cleanliness and hygiene.

At Piandré, all services especially those that involve touching skin (such as foot spa) are required to be performed with gloves. At Studio Fix, they offer haircut and color services as well as hair and scalp treatments.

Hair styling and treatment services are back at Studio Fix, with staff in proper gear.

Services such as rebonding, straightening, keratin smoothing treatment, and soft set digital permanent wave is now available at Studio Fix as well.

4. Salons have beefed up their safety measures...

At Piandré salons, while they enforce all the DTI guidelines for safety and sanitation (and have been following sanitation protocols for years!), they look out for their employees’ health foremost.

“We have also enforced strict protocols regarding everyday health checks for our staff and encourage staff to take days off if they feel even the slightest hint of being under the weather,” Drea shares.

At Studio Fix, each working station is attended to by employees clad in PPEs, gloves, and masks. They provide alcohol sprays for the seats and surfaces and sanitize tools via UV case bags, lamps, and styling tool disinfectants. All tools, towels, capes, brushes are sanitized and not reused.

Disinfection of tools is a must at Studio Fix.

You’ll be pleased to know that disinfecting and cleaning is done before and after a day of operations at Studio Fix, too.

5. ...but clients have to do their part, too.

Last but not the least, you’ll need to comply, too! After all, you must keep the situation safe not just for you but for your stylists, and the clients after and around you as well. Studio Fix and Piandré have every customer go through a foot bath, temperature scan, and fill out a form via QR scan.

Before Piandré clients enjoy their treatments, contact tracing forms and hand sanitizing are a few of the pre-treatment protocols observed.

There are extra masks available if you need one, and sanitizer and alcohol available at your disposal. Salons will also ask you to protect your personal items with plastic bags and keep your mask on. And lastly—pay with card, not cash.

Book your appointment at Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell at Greenbelt 5 via landline 75013062  or 75013064 or mobile/viber 09275767698. Operating hours 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays.

Book your appointment at Piandre Salon Level 3, Ayala Malls Feliz or Ayala Malls the 30th via, or email at

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