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Comic: Stages of Quarantine


Neal P. Corpus

Posted on September 29, 2020

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How many lives have you lived under quarantine?

As of this writing, we have been under quarantine for 197 days, nine hours, 30 minutes and 11 seconds. Are you still doing OK? How are those emails finding you? Still well, I hope. If we all had a peso for each “Stay safe!” sign-off we’ve sent, we’d probably be rich by now. But who’s counting?

It’s both amazing and frustrating to think about all the phases we’ve been through — it has been six months, after all. When will it end? Only god knows at this point.

To commemorate all the lives we’ve lived under this lockdown, here’s a comic from Hulyen — tag yourselves and take a small breather; we’re gonna be here for a while. See you on the flip side (hopefully).

“Look at all the cute dimples!”
“I mean, that sounds interesting… right?”
Day 1: desk plant. Day 109: forest.
“Now I can add this to my repertoire of hotdogs and pancit canton!”
“Chee — rs!”
For everyone’s safety, please don’t hug your Ayala Malls Neighborhood Assistant.
Attention: All ages are on a temporary freeze until further notice.
*Turns on post notifications*
Look at the bright side: at least you can imagine yourself in a music video without judgment.

How many stages have you been through? Tag us on Instagram at @iloveayalamalls, and follow Hulyen at @hulyen.

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