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Come at me, 2021


Neal P. Corpus

Posted on January 19, 2021

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With one of the toughest years behind us, we can handle anything. Or can we?


As we settle into 2021, it's a good time to take stock of what we've been through and gird our loins for the coming year. But really, after the rollercoaster that was 2020, what can't we survive?

To answer that, we fantasize about even more ridiculous and surreal scenarios that could litter our upcoming calendar. Illustrator Christi Lu helps us visualize.

Remember when we all thought the world would end nine years ago? Well, we're still here, and no hell nor high water will ever drown us out.

A quick Google search of "Cavendish banana" will reveal that it may soon suffer the same fate as its banana-du-jour predecessor the Gros Michel. But what if the Cavendish's successor secretly holds the key ingredient to our zombie-fueled demise?

If you've seen the Terminator series, I, Robot, and the like, you'll know our future isn't likely to turn out like Bicentennial Man. And the only thing more terrifying is to become overrun by the most 2020 machine: electric scooters.

If this weren't post-2020, things would be a lot different. But think about it: a large crowd with no masks plus the pressure of saying 'yes' in front of, again, a large crowd? It's a good thing that in reality, safety protocols are in in place at Ayala Malls. Phew.

The climate emergency was just beginning to pick up serious steam right before it was interrupted by the pandemic, but that doesn't mean it just disappeared into thin air. And when snow starts to fall in our tropical islands, it's going to be already too late.

If you really want to be a masochist, just imagine that when you turn the calendar at the end of this month, it displays a harrowing picture: January 2020.

But remember: if you made it through once, you'll only be stronger the second time around. Here's to looking forward to better things ahead.

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