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Pasyal Team

Posted on June 04, 2021

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We found an affordable disinfecting alternative to pair with these easy cleaning mantras.

Pandemic fatigue is real, guys. In the first few months of 2020, we were all hyped on observing strict pandemic rules: staying at home, masking up and thoroughly and obsessively disinfecting every single and smallest thing we get our hands on.

But according to Dr. Paul Nestadt, MD of John Hopkins University in the United States, the more we don’t see an end to the pandemic, and the more stories of pandemic-related tragedies get to us, the more we feel exhausted in keeping up with the new rules of the new normal.

Often, the strenuous practice of disinfection is the first exercise we tend to drop when we experience pandemic fatigue. We may notice we no longer wash our hands as long as the recommended 20 seconds, we don’t quarantine and disinfect our food deliveries and packages as thoroughly as before, or we don’t take the time to clean the public surfaces we touch when we’re out and about.

Pandemic fatigue is a real phenomenon, but one we have to battle in order to stay healthy against the virus. An easy way to get back into the habit of disinfecting is to simplify disinfecting rules. We broke it down to three mantras you can follow, and threw in an a more affordable disinfecting brand we found hidden in plain sight in Alabang Town Center.

You Touch, You Wash

Public surfaces, packages and food deliveries are highly susceptible to capturing the virus, and it could prove dangerous for people who instinctively or unknowingly place their hands on their eyes, nose and mouth without thinking to wash their hands.

When we're out in public, excited to open our shopping packages or eager to devour our take out lunches, washing our hands is something we tend to forget. So repeat his mantra in your head: "You touch, you wash"—meaning every surface we touch from the outside has to be followed by a hand washing session.

Now if water and soap isn't the nearest thing to you, rubbing alcohols make the hand disinfection habit so much easier. Buy or re-use a spray bottle (the handier, the better) and refill it with a 70% alcohol solution that is proven to kill the virus. Rub your hands vigorously as you would when you hand wash, and wait 1-2 minutes so you're sure the bacteria is no longer there.

COV-X Alcohol Solution (500ml), P74

Wipe Is Life

A rhyming quote makes it easier to remember, right? Everywhere you go, a fresh pile of disinfectant wipes will do you good. Its use extends to literally every nook and cranny imaginable: use a wipe to clean the handles of your grocery cart, the surface of your restaurant table, the cellphone you just set atop a public surface, the ATM keypad you're about to press, the buttons in the elevator you just entered, the handles of the car you're about to ride, and so much more.

Truly, wipe is life, but when added up, disinfecting wipes do get quite costly. Thankfully we found a multi-surface wipe that goes down to less than P2 per sheet.

COV-X Disinfectant Wipes (80 sheets), P149

Spray Your Way

The "is the virus airborne" debate is still as hot as ever, but recent studies have definitely pointed to the sad reality: the virus is more prevalent in places with low ventilation. This is why carrying a spray disinfectant is important, to keep yourself safe inside enclosed spaces such as cabs or offices.

Whenever you enter places like these, just think: spray your way into them! Disinfect the seats you're about to use, or the surfaces you're about to place your bags on. With some companies back to the office, or during errands where you can't avoid riding a cab, spraying your way (on surfaces or even in the air) is an added layer of protection and assurance you can always afford to have.

COV-X Air and Surface Disinfectant Spray, P299

COV-X is available at Cycles Cradle and Makati Supermarket in Alabang Town Center.

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