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Pasyal Team

Posted on August 27, 2020

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A makeup artist’s city condo transforms from a beautiful living-working space to a cozy lockdown home.

For some whose occupations meant that home is also your workplace, transitioning to work from home has been a pretty comfortable situation. Yet, integrating your professional life into your daily routine still requires some changes.

Makeup artist Kris Bacani, who in pre-pandemic world used her space as beauty studio for her clients and for hosting personal beauty workshops, shows us how her space has transformed from a bachelorette pad, to a spot to entertain her clients, and to a place where work and life can co-exist comfortably.

Pasyal (P): What was the process of designing your space?

Kris Bacani (KB): I got my Two Serendra studio unit almost bare. We took out the original bathroom sink and built-in kitchen and wardrobe cabinets, and took out a part of the kitchen counter too. We saved only the window shades, aircon, range oven and range hood.

In Kris Bacani’s chic studio unit, the kitchen opens itself up to the dining area.

As a makeup artist and makeup instructor, my brief for my interior designer was that aside from the unit being a halfway house (I’m from Quezon City), it should also be ideal as my makeup studio and makeup workshop venue.

It should also be maaliwalas, with an organic color theme, Japanese minimalism, and midcentury modern-inspired furniture. It required total renovation, floors included.

A hefty white bureau welcomes guests, while small details add on to the charm of this pretty pad.

P: How did you maximize the space of your studio unit?

KB: The unit is just 42 square meters, so the challenge was to make it look more spacious than it seems. My interior designer maximized the space by putting in lots of sleek, built-in storage. She had floor to ceiling mirrors installed on one side, which made the whole space look twice as big.

Top-to-bottom mirrors give depth to the 42-square meter space.

I also opted for a sofa bed so I can easily hide the bed when I have guests and clients come over. The space doesn’t feel small or cramped at all.

P: What are your favorite parts of your home?

KB: First, the floor to ceiling windows which gives one of the best views of 26th Street. My friends dub it as ‘lakas maka-New York!’

Gorgeous floor to ceiling windows—a rarity in the city—is understandably Kris’ favorite part of her unit.

Second, my granite-top table on wheels. It’s a dining table, work desk, kitchen counter, and makeup workshop table in one. To top it all off, it’s so easy to clean!

Key areas in Kris’ home—such as her granite dining table and tall mirros—transform seamlessly into workspaces.

P: Can you tell us what a regular day is like being on lockdown/staying indoors in your home?

KB: I got married at the height of lockdown, so this bachelorette pad-slash makeup-studio became an unplanned starter home (my husband works abroad but was and is still locked down with me, and I was supposed to move out of the country to join him right after getting married).

In a regular day, my husband is on a work-from-home set up, while I busy myself with cooking and my new hobby, weaving. We do yoga in the afternoon, and read e-books or watch Netflix at night.

P: Why did you choose this development in particular?

KB: I wasn’t looking to buy here initially because I knew it would be out of my budget, Serendra being one of the more upscale developments in BGC. My brother lives here though, and he convinced me to look so that we’ll be in the same community.

My broker was able to find a unit for me that was below market value at the time, and even if it was still slightly above my budget, I grabbed the opportunity. No regrets though. I feel very much secure here, we have big swimming pools, and there’s sprawling greenery.

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