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Best treats with ZingEats


Chica Villarta

Posted on June 18, 2021

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Order from these trusted restos around the metro—all in one app.

We probably have a personal roster of restaurants considered our "usual" over the years. These are places we expect to indulge in on birthdays, gatherings, celebrations, out with buddies, or when a special day rolls around.

ZingEats, located within the Zing Ayala Malls app does a great job among all the many other online ordering apps to bring together the best, most trusted, and most loved restaurants inside and beyond Ayala Malls—the kind you swear by as years go by! Not only that, you're the Zing Ayala Malls app also directly leads you to the official ordering website of each restaurant, so you can even avail of their exclusive deals you might not find anywhere else. Order from ZingEats in four easy steps:

  1. Download the Zing Ayala Malls app and register.
  2. Click the ZingEats icon.
  3. Click the icon of your favorite restaurant, and it will lead you to the restaurant's official online ordering website.
  4. Order and enjoy!

The official launch of ZingEats could not have come at a better time, as we enter one and a half years in quarantine. Look at the deals we saw below:

Mercato Centrale

With a minimum amount of P1,500 spent sitewide via ZingEats, get your virtual food fair finds delivered to you for only P100.

Enjoying fun and fancy street eats need not be a throwback. Image from Mercato Centrale on Instagram.

Pepi Cubano

For an indulgent snack in the middle of the day, Pepi Cubano is offering a free seven-day Vivamax pass for a minimum purchase of P750 at ZingEats. At Vivamax, you can catch top Filipino series and movies while having your sandwich fix.

Pan de Bistec is a cuban-style steak sandwich we see devouring in front of our TV. Image from Pepi Cubano on Instagram.

Red Crab

Get your claws on this: a free appetizer comes with any P2,000 purchase made through ZingEats!

Seafood is always a good idea. Image from Red Crab Philippines on Instagram.

Tokyo Tonteki

A complete Japanese meal always hits the spot. Get the taste of everyone's travel destination with 10% off your orders via ZingEats.

Japanese always aims to satisfy. Image from Tokyo Tonteki Philippines on Instagram.

Find ZingEats inside Zing at AyalaMalls app, which is available for download via App Store and Google Play or by clicking here.  Use Zing to shop non-food stores as well. We can't wait for you to #ZingIt!

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