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Be Your Own Barista


Pasyal Team

Posted on October 21, 2020

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Café coffee at home.


We get it, a good café experience is unparalleled. Like other formerly outside-world only hobbies, though, we quickly discover the coffee experience can be just as good -- hey, even better -- at home.

Start off by grabbing a bag of your choice beans—there are lots that deliver from your favorite Ayala Mall—right to your doorstep.

Since you all enjoyed our kitchen rookie recos so much, we asked a few coffee addict friends on what makes the perfect brew and how to recreate it in the comforts of your own kitchen. Here's what we got from them.

1. Choose your brewing method.

Since you’re learning how to manually brew for yourself, choose a method that’s perfect for your needs. Chat up your neighborhood barista to learn more about the options, but by far the simplest is the press options—aeropress or french press. You just grind your beans, place it in your press, pour water and press down.

You’ll need to observe grind size, steep time, and water temperature, though, so take note of other tools you need below. Once you’ve found a recipe that works for you, you’re all set to master it.

Brewing Option 1: Aeropress

Brewing Option 2: French Press

Visit MyCoffeeLab at U.P. Town Center, and Starbucks at the Ayala Mall nearest you.

2. Get grinding.

If you’re looking at coffee as a long-term hobby, a coffee grinder is an important bit of equipment that’s worth investing in. A good grinder with steel burrs is crucial.

You have to look out for consistency in your grind size as the coarseness of your ground beans makes all the difference if you want your cup of joe to be good, every time.

A good quality grinder is crucial for the committed at-home barista.

Visit Rustans at Glorietta, or the Delonghi Concept Store at Ayala Malls Vertis North.

3. Measure perfectly.

A scale lets you find that perfect brew recipe -- and then be able to repeat it again. Just like with cooking or baking, you need to know and remember the correct ratios of your ingredients (weight of your coffee, how much water you pour, for example). You don’t need to spring for a fancy one but a digital one that measures up to the gram is ideal.

Just the right amount of coffee is key to the best brew.

Visit Gourdo’s at Glorietta 4.

4. Pour with control.

Whatever your brewing method is, a gooseneck kettle ideally with a thermometer is a handy tool when you need more control in your method. If you use a pour over, you’ll need the kettle to be able to get your coffee filtered through properly by “flattening” your coffee bed, and the gooseneck kettle allows more control when you pour the water.

Remember though that no matter how fancy your kettle is you also need to practice your skills to utilize it properly.

A gooseneck kettle and a whole lotta practice allows your coffee to reach its full potential.

Visit MyCoffeeLab at U.P. Town Center.

5. A complete carafe is perfect for brewing and serving.

Now that your coffee’s ready to go, you’d want to serve it in a nice decanter that won’t make a mess and spill everywhere. One with made with heat resistant glass is great. This carafe set from Gourdo’s comes with pour-over equipment, too.

Visit Gourdo’s at Glorietta 4.

6. Last, but not the least - a mug to enjoy your brew in.

Ahh, the best part of brewing a coffee: enjoying it. Sip your fresh brew in the cutest mugs that’ll make your coffee nook cute and ‘grammable, too. These pastel mugs from Rustan’s are pretty and hold a lot of liquid, perfect for that caffeine-driven day.

Every café—whether at-home or outside—needs beautiful mugs in its stash.

Visit Rustans at Glorietta.

What type of coffee do you like having in the morning?

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