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Achieve your #skingoals with these essentials


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Posted on May 08, 2020

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Treat Yourself Thursdays. Fresh-faced Fridays. Self-care Sundays. In the past few years, the concept of self-care has exploded onto the scene as the leading trend around the globe.

It has become the mantra of many beauty bloggers and influencers, who are constantly pressing upon their adoring fans the value of taking care of your mind, your soul, and maybe just as importantly, your skin. Skincare is one facet of the beauty industry that has spread its wings of impact over the general public. And with popular media outlets such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar coming out with celebrity skincare routine features in order to ride on this trend, it’s no wonder that the market has become filled to the brim with more products and tools than could ever be imagined. Despite the roster of items touted by these superstars being a tad beyond the ordinary viewer’s budget, it is almost impossible to resist the siren call of hydrating serums, pillow-soft moisturizers, and fragrance-free toners.

The rise of the skincare industry also comes hand in hand with society’s growing obsession with Korean pop culture. Though it was the sweeping romantic arcs, the coy, flirtatious interactions between the main characters, and the visceral anticipation of the will-they-won’t-they storylines of Korean dramas that first drew people in, as everybody began to fall in love with Korean pop stars and actors, it soon became clear that Korea has always been a step ahead of the rest in the skincare game. The enviable glass skin of their megastars made waves throughout the world before most countries had even started coming out with their own formulas, and as a result, most see Koreans as the experts on all matters beauty-related. With this in mind, it’s safe to say we’ve all become a little fixated on skincare.

However, as we continue to navigate life under lockdown, there’s no shame in admitting that our daily skincare routines might have taken a backseat as our lives have been upended by sudden changes such as getting used to working from home and disrupted sleep cycles. While there is no doubt that everyone is beautiful as they are, something as simple as putting on a face mask or rubbing soothing circles of cleanser over your cheeks can do wonders in boosting your spirits. While jetting over to Korea to stock up on their latest lineup of goods is out of the question for the meantime, Ayala Malls has decided to feature the next best thing.

As the largest beauty and wellness retailer in Asia, Watsons is a proud bearer of many high quality and affordable products that are proven to be effective and can act as a supplement to your everyday routine, or can also be used on their own for those interested in trying them out for the first time. These items undergo rigorous research before being distributed in their stores, so you can bet on them leaving your skin supple and hydrated, ready to face the challenges that each new day brings.

Aside from taking care of your skin, another valuable aspect to self-care involves nourishing and enriching the mind and spirit. Small, basic acts such as practicing meditation, or simply taking a step back from your work to clear your head can do a lot to ease some of the tension and anxiety brought about by the current situation, and we must make an effort to remember to care for ourselves from within. Self-love will always be the most worthwhile form of self-care, and it is never too late to start.

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