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A smarter home for all


Neal P. Corpus

Posted on October 20, 2021

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Build out your smart home with these finds from Xiaomi’s Mi Store.

One good thing about the past year and a half is that it’s forced us to think about our homes and give it the upgrades it deserves. Now that we’ve settled into staying at home day in and day out, might as well make it more convenient to live in, right?

Xiaomi makes some of the most life-changing tech appliances at very affordable prices, so it’s a great place for some tech-savvy home finds. Here, we put together a list of must-haves from the Xiaomi stores in Market! Market!, TriNoma, and U.P. Town Center.

Mi Desktop Monitor 1C 23.8”

The Mi Desktop Monitor is a great buy for your eyes and neck.

If you work from home on a laptop, investing in an external monitor that’s at eye level is a must. Not only is it going to save your neck from having to crane down at your screen, but your eyes will thank the bigger screen real estate too.

The Mi Desktop Monitor 1C 23.8” is a great starter screen, at just the right size and just the right price at P7,599.

Mi Smart Water Pump

Say goodbye to challenging water gallon refills with the Mi Smart Water Pump.

Loading those five-gallon jugs onto your water dispenser can be a very arduous task. The Mi Smart Water Pump (P699) plugs directly onto the mouth of the jug, saving you the heaving and puffing every time you have to refill.

Mi Smart Speaker

Fill your room with sound and control your smart devices with the Mi Smart Speaker.

At the end of a workday, there’s nothing better than uttering the words, “OK Google, play some relaxing music.” Equipped with Google Assistant, the Mi Smart Speaker (P2,990) is powerful enough to fill a room, and can act as a hub for controlling your other smart devices too.

Mi Smart Plug

Turn any appliance into a smart device with the Mi Smart Plug.

Speaking of smart devices, not all appliances are going to be one. For that, there’s the Mi Smart Plug (P699). It allows you to turn your non-smart devices on and off without having to touch it, via a smart home hub like the Mi Smart Speaker. Pro-tip: add it to your bedside lamp to doze off hassle-free.

Mi UV Disinfection Light

Keep your home safe with the handy Mi UV Disinfection Light.

Even with the popularity of online shopping, it still pays to be extra careful and disinfect all your packages. The Mi UV Disinfection Light (P795) is handy for home use and small enough to be brought outside for errands. Plus, when you want deep-clean your home, you can prop up the device on a flat surface to disinfect your surroundings.

Visit the Mi Store at Market! Market!, TriNoma, and U.P. Town Center.

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