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Posted on March 14, 2021

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Seven reasons why you should visit the 7th Big Bite Food Festival

Filipinos love to explore new flavors—we aren’t afraid of mixing things up and trying something different, from local cuisine to exotic dishes. If you or anyone you know want to satisfy your food cravings, then you’re in for a food trip! Head over to Ayala Centrio Mall for the Big Bite Northern Mindanao Food Festival, held from March 12 to 21.

Ayala Centrio Mall brings together homegrown food concessionaires and local businesses as a celebration to promote food tourism while supporting locals, making it a cultural experience altogether.

Here are seven reasons why you should visit the 7th Big Bite Food Festival:

1. All kinds of food rolled in one place

From Sweetlane Homemade Treats, Butter and Oven desserts, to Saboroso’s chicken inasal, food festivals are the one-stop spot to devour on the various cuisines not only around the city but also the region. Pick and choose your favorite or mix and match your own brand of heaven in a platter.

2. Variety, the spice of life

Image from Tableya ni Mommy Sha Facebook page

With a wide number of options to choose from, Big Bite is the perfect place if you are craving for diverse and  unique food options. Food that pleases the soul and eyes will parade the corners of Ayala Centrio Mall. Enjoy a huge selection of curated drinks from Tsoko Co or Tableya ni Mommy Sha, Mau Cha, Bowerbird Coffee and Tea•Zarro that fits your mood.

3. Meet your taste buddy

With great ambiance, safe dining and attractive local food favorites, who knows? You might just meet people with similar taste cravings as yours. Get matching Picole Healthy Ice Pops or bond over cocktails from Party Mobile, and you might just find your food soulmate.

4. Celebrate the culture

Big Bite Food Festival brings us closer to heritage as we celebrate the unique food offerings from different parts of the region. Enjoy the best from Bukidnon from Healthy Basket & Tony’s Strawberry Farm, Cagayan de Oro’s grilled goodness from Abitria Lechon Baka, Max Grill ATBP & Backyard Barbeque, and the region’s fresh catch from Dale’s Taqueria.

5. Quirky markets and longer festival days

The 10-day Big Bite Food Festival is even more special this year with pretty stalls and new food choices. Don’t forget to take an Instagram-worthy photo—take a shot, then a bite of your new food finds!

6. Take a Big Bite at home

Are you tired of traveling for long hours to relish on delicacies within the region? Save on gas and devour everything the region has to offer in just one venue. No need to travel far for just one dish, Big Bite 2021 is your go-to place for everything tasty that our region has to offer.

You can also safely enjoy FREE delivery when you order through Ayala Malls Neighborhood Assistant (ANA).

7. Support the community by going local

When you support local and small businesses, you are supporting the community too. Taking a big bite is a big help!

The biggest Northern Mindanao Food Festival will be rolling out your favorite local flavors and delicacies unique to each province. With over 66 participating merchants, safely rediscover your love for food. The festival will be open from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. at the Garden.

Start the summer season with fresh food picks and maybe find a new favorite delicacy at The Big Bite Northern Mindanao Food Festival from March 12-21, 2021, at Ayala Centrio Mall. Don't forget to follow the standard health and safety protocols!

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