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3 easy recipes to level up your canned tuna meal


Pasyal Team

Posted on May 15, 2020

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A pantry staple in every Filipino household, canned tuna is a tasty, versatile item that can be used as an ingredient or as the main event of almost any dish.

With bread, rice, pasta, made into a salad, or even on its own, tuna can be used for anything from snacks to meals. Kids and adults alike enjoy this timeless favorite.

Everyone is familiar with the classic tuna spread mixed with mayo, red onion, and egg used as a sandwich filling with your choice of bread and vegetables. More than once, you have probably tossed some olive oil, herbs, and spices with your favorite brand of tuna into a pasta dish. Maybe you have even gotten addicted to tuna omelets upon discovering them at some point or other. The adventurous might have had ambitious attempts at making canned tuna into homemade sushi rolls.

Either way, this basic ingredient has been around for everyone since childhood. While all the recipes we know and still love never really get old, we know you pile the cans high in your pantry and would still be looking for other ways to prepare and enjoy what is already a favorite. That is why we came up with a few reimagined ways of cooking your canned tuna:


You have definitely tried it in a restaurant at least once, maybe as a side to a few beers. You were probably surprised to discover that you liked this slightly healthier version of the signature Filipino dish, pork sisig. Why wait until the next time you can enjoy it out with your friends? Bring it home; prepare it for your family. Have some good conversation and laughs over one of the best meals for sharing.


The best part about cooking (and flexible ingredients like tuna) is the unlimited creativity you have at your disposal. Commonly prepared with beef and usually enjoyed with rice, pares is just as adjustable a recipe as any other. Enjoy a dry version on some toasted bread – a novel idea for a new food adventure, right in the comforts of your home kitchen.


Everyone likes an easy recipe that only uses a number of ingredients they can count with one hand. Tweak this to your heart’s content with choice herbs, spice levels, and pasta shapes. Whatever you do, be liberal with the garlic – because there is no such thing as too much.

Watch our latest #PasyalTV episode below to learn how to reinvent your canned tuna with recipes to these dishes!

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