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2020 Vision


Pasyal Team

Posted on July 23, 2020

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Fix your gaze on the year’s must-have accessory.

Who knew how valuable a good pair of specs would be in 2020?

Whether one wears them for the blue light protection (so much phone and laptop time!) or if you need extra eye security when you step out (a non-medical-grade yet recommended measure against viral droplets), we’re all lucky enough that eye care and eyewear stores remain open for our visual needs.

In case you need to go glasses-shopping, lay your eyes on this shortlist of specs and which stores to find them in.

Your First Pair

Well, welcome to the blurred world. Your first pair should be something sturdy, simple, and cool without breaking the bank — after all, after your first pair comes the first time you inevitably break or lose ‘em too.

The perfect pair for your first foray into the lensed life

Kidding aside, a fairly priced pair like those you can find at Owndays are great beginner specs since there may still be room for change in grade, vision correction, etc (but hopefully not).

Visit Owndays at Ayala Malls Solenad.

Your Upgrade

You’re at that point in your life where your style and vision has been steady for the past five years; time to treat yourself to an upgrade. Go for a classic like these tortoiseshell frames from Kenzo that go with multiple outfits (at least shirts, for now?) and can serve you multiple years, too.

For when your specs need to keep up with your style

Visit Vision Express at Ayala Malls The 30th, among other locations.

Your 65478293749th Pair

Whether you’ve lost everything else or you change your frames as quickly as your clothes, find a pair that’s thoughtfully priced and as trendy as you. Sunnies Specs offers a lot of new styles and, lucky you, you get to order and even get checked  from the comfort of  your home with Specs on Wheels.

Content-worthy glasses perfect for both virtual and actual reality

Visit Sunnies Specs in Glorietta.

Your Kid’s Specs

With school evolving into online learning now, nobody needs a specs update more urgently than the little stay-at-home student!

Aside from its functional benefits, children are just so cute with glasses!

Executive Optical has a range of sizes that are child-friendly, with a menu of upgrades you can pick from too such as blue light filters for your young one’s school screen time, and polycarbonate material which is lightweight and impact resistant.

Visit Executive Optical in Ayala Malls Feliz.

Your “Outdoor” Gear

For the tribute of the household, the health worker, the non-work-from-home-r, this one’s for you: protective eyewear. Actually, anybody who needs to step outside and step up their protection, a face shield is key. Make it cute and sleek too, like these ones from Executive Optical.

Watching sci-fi flicks prepared us for this.

Visit Executive Optical at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, among other locations.

Now that you have your protective eyewear stash settled, allow yourself some immersive screen time. Peep our list of travel-themed Netflix shows you should watch right now.

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