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Sleep like nothing's wrong


Pasyal Team

Posted on September 04, 2020

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By Belle Rodolfo

A guide to peaceful slumbers despite the pandemic

Unrestful slumber, vivid dreams, miserable mornings? You’re not alone. The trend of more and more people having trouble sleeping is real, and a large part of it can be chalked up to anxiety caused by the pandemic.

While we sadly have to wait it out for now, we put together for you a bedtime ritual for prime R&R ambience. We can’t guarantee it to work 100%, but here’s our little way to create a personal stress-free, self-pampering bubble.

9:30 P.M.: Shower and put balm

Early bedtime, check. Long, hot, languid shower, check. Now, post-bath, switch out your usual body lotion with something more snooze-inducing.

A sleep spell in balm form, in lieu of lotion.

USH’s Sleepy Body Lotion ​is ​worth the hype; open the jar and its potent lavender-and-tonka bean scent washes over you like a soft, purple cloud headed for dreamland. Slather all over before slipping into your ‘jammies and floating on over to your cozy bed.

Visit LUSH at Alabang Town Center.

10:30 P.M.: Set the ambience

Turn down the lights, block off all sound, and then mist a generous spritzing of L’Occitane’s Cocon de Sérénité Relaxing Pillow Mist all over your linens.

Like your relaxing body balm, this fragrance employs, again, lavender for maximum relaxation, plus geranium flower essential oil known for its purifying properties that gives you an additional reassurance of cleanliness.

Lavender clearly makes for a great slumber.

It’s made up of all natural scents, so it’s pleasant and gentle enough not to trigger sneezes or headaches. Literally, a cocoon of serenity.

Visit L’Occitane at Greenbelt 5.

10:45 P.M.: Climb into a cozy bed

You’ve cleaned up, set the ambience, so now you’re ready to slip under the covers. Is your bed doing the work for you while you sleep? Maybe optimize your beddings by looking into weighted blankets and an ergonomic pillow.

You might’ve seen weighted blanket posts on social media, and they actually do work. BodyKoala’s 15LBS Weighted Blanket pretty much functions the same way as a good hug: professionals claim the “Deep Touch Pressure” improves relaxation by stimulating serotonin and dopamine release.

Comfy pillow, check. Warm blanket, check.

The blankets are ultra-plush and integrated with micro glass beads within its folds so all you feel is the soft, comfortable blanket enveloping you. Then, lay your head on something that accommodates not just your head and neck but also your shoulders and back. Invest on a pillow upgrade; specifically Tempur’s Millennium pillow.

It’s got a curved edge and is slightly tilted forward to cradle your neck and remove all discomfort when you’re a back sleeper. It’s good for side-sleepers too as it hugs your neck area.

Visit Body Koala at Rustan’s Glorietta 3, and Tempur at Bonifacio High Street and Ayala Malls Vertis North.

11 P.M.: Close your eyes, drift off

One last thing that’ll send you off to dreamland (or hopefully blank, restful sleep-land): complete darkness. Typically you just grab your silk eye mask, turn it down over your lids, and hope for the best, but most regular eye masks either are too tight or put too much pressure on the eyes.

Luckily, we can thank eye mask innovation for something like Earth Therapeutics REMTM Sleep Mask, which gives you maximum shut-eye without the unnecessary tension.

A mask we’d rather wear, to be honest.

This mask is specially cushioned and contoured away from the lids, so instead of pressing against your eyes, it cups it, which then allows relaxed eye movement, blocks out light and visual stimuli, and avoids blurry vision and the annoying lashes that end up in your eyes come morning.

While we love pressure from the blanket, your lids just need some gentle contact-free cushioning. Slip this over your peepers to end your nighttime routine, and off you float to your best sleep ever.

Visit Beauty Bar at TriNoma.

Did this article make you want to curl up in a ball and sleep? Just this once, we sure hope it did. Before getting on with your new sweet sleep routine, you might want to invest in a luxurious skincare regimen—click here to read about Aesop’s newest Of Muse and Myth collection.

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