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Neal P. Corpus

Posted on September 28, 2020

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These creatives uncover joy in fashion finds.

As we sink deeper and deeper into this quarantine, it’s important to find a coping mechanism that will uplift you in one way or another.

For some, that can be food, for others, catching up with friends (virtually, of course). But since September is still the reigning month of fashion, that’s what this article is going to be about.

Although spending on fashion is a luxury, especially during this time, you can’t discount the power is has to serve as a pick-me-up — again, especially during this time. Even a second-hand or cheap find retains this power. So if you see anything on the next monthly online sale, go for it.

To show you just what we mean, we’ve gathered a handful of fashion aficionados and a fashion designer to share the fashion pieces that have brought them a little piece of joy in this dreary time.

Toni Potenciano, writer

A heart-shaped paradise. Photo courtesy of Toni Potenciano

“I found this necklace online one random day. In the same spirit of looking through vintage ceramics and the rest, I somehow landed on this painted mother of pearl necklace.

I think it’s the squiggly lines — are they clouds or are they birds? — or maybe even the way the sea has different shades of blue. It makes me think a little bit about the summer we didn’t have but I’m no longer that sad for it.

This reminds me of that one quote from Albert Camus (which I found through Zen Pencils, mind you) about having an “invincible summer within you,” and that’s what has been bringing me joy.”

RJ Santos, fashion designer

Candy masks and silky shorts, anyone? Photos courtesy of RJ Santos/Randolf

“Two of my recent works for Randolf brought me joy under quarantine — the candy face masks and the satin shorts. Both ideas just happened before working out while I was waiting for my coffee to kick in [Laughs].

The candy face mask happened accidentally. I was playing with a retaso and figuring out how to make a mask with less seams, while the satin shorts I thought about because I don’t have enough shorts for sleeping and I wanted something that’s really soft.

These two items really brought a lot of joy to me not only because I was happy with both designs, but it made people happy, too, especially the masks. Since releasing the masks, I’ve gotten messages from customers saying how happy they were with the masks.

Since the start of the quarantine, it was been my goal to create a mask that can serve its purpose and at the same time, remain true to what Randolf is.”

Cessi Treñas, writer and editor

Take a quick trip back to the ’80s with some fun sunnies. Photo courtesy of Cessi Treñas

“I love these sunglasses the same way I adore monthly online sales. These were a liberating, uncalculated spend—one I made to support a friend’s business, but also to feel something in the thick of this six-month monotony.

It’s a pair of glossy, ’80s-inspired sunglasses from Favour Ajah’s label Cult Her — with subtle fade lenses and an angular frame, these sunglasses have a quiet appeal that warrants a second look.

It doesn’t make sense to buy sunglasses when I barely see sun, but that’s what makes quarantine shopping fun, isn’t it? Hoping we can wear these purchases out eventually, whenever that might be.”

Yanna Lopez, editor and stylist

Up for some Clueless cosplay? Totally. Photo courtesy of Yanna Lopez

“I have this addiction to trawling Instagram thrift shops for mint-condition tweed jackets (the zanier the plaid, the better). I bid for this Barbie pink one on e-shop Coaterie—if my vintage Chanel skirt suit obsession and The Nanny’s flamboyant Fran Fine had a baby, this would be it.

I’m [also] a sucker for anything festooned with gold gilt buttons. The padded shoulders, rainbow check, and boxy-cropped fit were complete and total Yanna bait; watch me pair it with every other obnoxiously loud print in my wardrobe, from houndstooth to leopard.”

Yearning to get some fun fashion into your life? Hop on over to your favorite Ayala Mall and see what’s in store.

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